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Why are they releasing Madden 12?

polycounter lvl 10
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aajohnny polycounter lvl 10
Well, Idk if I misheard or anything... but I am pretty sure there will be no NFL this year unless there is a miracle. Why is EA making Madden 12 still? IMO they should take this year to seriously improve it and release a Madden 13...?


  • arshlevon
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    arshlevon polycounter lvl 14
    why wouldnt they? seems like a perfect opportunity to cash in on all the football fans with a void in their life.
  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 10
    Well they could update rosters in Madden 11 and then improve the engine with the whole year they have.
  • Keg
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    Keg polycounter lvl 12
    you're not thinking like a business. They're in it to make money and people have proven willing to purchase each new iteration. Looking at the bottom line, does it logically make sense to push out an update to rosters for a season that isn't seemingly going to happen for $5-$10? Or are you going to put out an "improved" version of the game for $60?
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    There's no football in the US this year? Why's that? If they tried to pull that here there'd be nation wide riots.
  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 11
    Jackablade wrote: »
    There's no football in the US this year? Why's that? If they tried to pull that here there'd be nation wide riots.


    The CFL would get some great attention though. haha
  • acc
    Well we went without the NHL for a year, so this isn't totally unprecedented.

    The NFL has a lot more money involved, though.

    As for why put it out? It's one of their biggest cash cows and they rely on it to fund most everything else. Suddenly cancelling a Madden release would seriously harm all of EA. That's not good for anyone when you consider how many people they own or partner with.
  • EarthQuake
    There may not be football because:
    A. The NFL opted out of the current CBA(collective bargaining agreement)
    B. They couldn't get a new deal worked out before the deadline, so the NFLPA(Player's association) decertified, and is suing the NFL for anti-trust or whatever - this is just a ploy to get better leverage when negotiating a new deal.
    C. The NFL then "locked the players out"

    I would be really shocked if there is NO nfl in 2011, both sides stand to loose way way too much money. It wouldn't be surprising if there was no OTAs or Training camp this year however. There are some important court dates coming up soon, the NFLPA is filed a motion to get the "lockout" overturned and force the NFL to let the players play. The outcome of that should be pretty telling as to what happens next.

    To say "there will not be football(NFL, relax you euros) in 2011" is a pretty misinformed statement.
  • Andrew Malcolm
    For those that follow football closely, we know their will be a season. At worst the off-season work outs and camps will be shortened, re-scheduled, or canceled but by pre-season things will be back to normal. EA knows this as well and hence will be releasing Madden this year as is the norm.
  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 10
    I thought it was completely locked down... well I hope theres a season. I clocked in like 100 or more hours on madden 11 lol
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