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Pickup Truck from District 9

Hi Guys,

Been reading these forums for a long time, but only just got round to posting some of my work. This is a WIP of one of the awesome trucks from District 9, currently working on the Hi Poly in max, I will eventually be putting this into unreal, in a desert scene, maybe with the mothership in the far background :D

Been quite dificult getting images of it, ive got the D9 art book here, which has a few, although some of the images are of concepts that are quite different to the final model.

Ignore the wheels for now, they are just place holder. Any crits would be much appreciated .




  • xtremepenguin
    Got some updates, almost finished the Hi poly now, i need to re do the tires though i think, the tread needs to be deeper, as right now they don't look very off road like. Also the wheels are based on one of the earlier concepts for the truck, which i thought looked better than the final wheels they went for in the film. Any thoughts or crits are greatly appreciated :D


  • Sebeuroc
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    Sebeuroc polycounter lvl 11
    Nice update. I'm not a vehicle nut, but the one thing that stands out to me is that the armor plates on the doors look too thick to me on your model. I would tone those back a bit.
    Also, the window grates are almost touching in the photo, while yours have a good couple inches between them.

    How detailed are you going with this? It would be sweet to see some bolts on there too.

    Overall, I like the model. I look forward to seeing it textured!
  • [SF]Three9
    someone else was doing an D9 environment scene months ago, maybe a year ago...don't recall whatever happened to it or who did it...but regardless I thought the same thing you did on his Sebeuroc, however, at closer inspection the armor is pretty stupid thick

    If you could get us a zoomed in shot I think we could tell if its thicker or not thick enough

    also, if you could get us a render in the same pose as the screen it would be helpful too...some of your proportions seem a bit off. I want to say that your truck isn't long enough, but I can't tell. The bottom armor plates on the doors feel like the border isn't thick enough, and the side plating on the bed of the truck at the rear doesn't go down far enough (looks like it stops just slightly above the top of the wheels)

    looking super awesome though :). I should get you my prawn when im done with it tonight to place him in a scene with it :P http://threenineart.com/WIP/prawn.jpg

    oh, also are you changing the wheel design completely?
  • IchII3D
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    IchII3D polycounter lvl 12
    If your a fan of District 9 I highly recommend this book, its one of the best art production books I know of. One of the great things about it is they don't just show you the final result. They go into a lot of detail with all the prototyping and evaluation they went through.


    If you didn't know already WETA did pretty much all the conceptual design, prosthetics and vehicles for District 9. Its the same company that made all the Orcs for Lord of the Rings and even the real Warthog for the Halo movie that never got made but was used in those trailers.

    They are such an amazing studio.
  • [SF]Three9
    jesus, just ordered that book, thanks for that!
  • DDuckworth
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    DDuckworth polycounter lvl 6
    I got that book with a signed stencil that they concepted for how the aliens were tagged, I think it's super awesome because they never actually needed to produce the stencils since the aliens were cg, just goes to show how much time and enthusiasm they put into this.

    As for your truck The wheels are very flat on the sides (the part between the metal cover and the tread) where it has a slight bowing effect in real life.

    On the window are you going to create a nice grating to use for the NM in the alpha plane for the final? It has that crosswire grating that you sometimes see on industrial areas and factories for catwalks.

    Your air filter tube (i think that's what it is) is uniform in size but in the ref it's thicker towards the engine and thins out as it nears the top.

    Looking good though, District 9 is one of my top 5 fav movies of all time, it's a tie at number one with zombie land, but of course two totally diff genres!
  • xtremepenguin
    Sebeuroc wrote: »
    Nice update. I'm not a vehicle nut, but the one thing that stands out to me is that the armor plates on the doors look too thick to me on your model. I would tone those back a bit.

    Hi Sebeuroc, thanks for the feedback, here is a shot that better shows the thickness of the plating, what do you think?


    [SF]Three9 - Your prawn is looking awesome, could do a great scene, with shanty town huts in the background and rubbish everywhere!

    IchII3D- Yea ive got that book, its without doubt one of the best Art books ever, ive got loads but its one of my favorites. Although its a shame so many of the big images are on black backgrounds, makes it hard to see some details.

    DDuckworth- Thanks, ill take another look at the wheels, im not sure about the tread pattern at the moment also? Im gonna make that grating, and do it with alpha, not sure if there is much point in modeling it in hi poly though?

    Also here is a photo of the truck page in the art book, with the wheels.

  • Sebeuroc
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    Sebeuroc polycounter lvl 11
    Wow, yeah that armor looks right on!
  • chrisradsby
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    chrisradsby polycounter lvl 13
    I know what it's missing, wiper blades! Other than that great work man.
  • Shogun3d
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    Shogun3d polycounter lvl 12
    Looking good so far, will be interesting to see how you do the wire mesh in the windows :)
  • DDuckworth
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    DDuckworth polycounter lvl 6
    the only reason to model a high poly would be to get a slight normal map on the alpha edges to give it more depth than just a flat alpha, but other than that it also REALLY helps get a perfectly tiling texture, it's pretty quick to do as well if you go about it like on this thread
  • [SF]Three9
    Bump becuase I want an update, and also that D9 art book is AMAZING...it just came in today and my God, the amount of work that went into D9 is intense...all those sculpted models and all that hard work...just for CONCEPT....Weta is amazing

    but extremepenguin, if you were interested in that book, don't buy it JUST for your truck reference, there are some good shots, but maybe 4 all together
  • xtremepenguin
    Holy project resurrection batman.
    Finally getting round to finishing this, Ive done all the bakes and have just started the diffuse texturing now.

    Gonna need to paint out the tyre seams in ZBrush i think?

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