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Huge Mech He Will Crush You

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Hey guys,
So recently I’ve worked on an eat3d tutorial for Mech sculpting. Where in the last character the focus was getting a fusion between organic and mechanical, I was trying to keep the design of this completely mechanical.

For the design, it was heavily influenced by the Marine and Firebat from Starcraft 2.

The model itself was completely made in Zbrush.
For the render I decimated the mesh and brought it into 3ds max.
It was rendered in passes with Vray then composited in Photoshop.

Anyways here’s the final render:

The DVD can be found here:

Here’s a clay render of the back:

And here’s a zbrush screen-grab turnaround. I figured I’d simply put this one in one image so you’ll have to scroll sideways:

Here's a lighting test that I really liked but didn't get to finish of a low poly version:

I started with a very basic zsphere layout then made individual smaller meshes using zspheres2:

After that I sculpted on these meshes until I had something I liked. Here cleanliness is not important all I’m focusing on is the shapes and silhouette:

Then I started making a clean mesh from the concept sculpt. This had a lot to do with re-mesh and extraction. The tubes are made with zspheres:

Then I added details. For this character I was trying to use alpha stamps sparingly, so many of the details are small doodads here and there:

For the final render I decimated the mesh and brought it into 3ds max. I set up a very basic light setup with an HDRI and a few vray lights for use as light cards. Then I rendered out passes.

Finally I comped the passes until it was the image you see at the top.

Anyways, take care and I hope you enjoy!


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