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(WIP) 10-23

Hey Everyone! I am new to polycount as a member, however ive been following and reading pollycount since December. So I thought as my first day and first post I would show my progress of creating my cinematic titled "10-23". This cinematic is a horror about a police officers response on scene at a diner and his encounter with whats within the restaurant. I started this project late January and hope to be finished by march 15th.


The Scene opens to the sounds of an officer arriving on the scene and his correspondence over the radio. A rundown diner and the barrel of the officer’s shotgun fades into view. The officer approaches cautiously and enters the diner. The inside of the diner is dark and filthy. The officer’s flashlight illuminates the grisly scene. The tables are unbussed and broken plates and glasses litter the table and floors. Flies swarm in and out of view, landing on the remains of rotting food. As the officer sweeps his flash light over the scene he is shocked by his discovery. In the middle of the diner the remains of a human lies in a puddle of blood. The officer radios in for back up, but doesn’t wait and continues exploring. He follows a blood trail leading away from the carcass towards the bathroom. The bathroom is dimly lit and unsightly with the splatter of blood on the graffiti ridden walls and stall, the mirror is cracked and the sink clogged with a disgusting residue. The officer enters and hears the sound of a crying man. Following the blood trial and sounds of the crying man he walks around the stall and discovers a man facing the corner of the room. The officer lowers the flashlight studying the man and sees that the crying man is missing the entire bottom half of his body and his organs are hanging out. Astonished the officer quickly raises his flash light back upon the back of the man’s head, where suddenly the man’s head loudly cracks backwards towards the officer in a 180 degree turn. Half of the man’s face is missing and his eye is dangling. In fear the officer stumbles and trips backwards setting off his shotgun into the ceiling. The monster pounces on the officer and the scene cuts to black and trails off with the sounds of gun fire and screams of the monster.

Here are my concept Images I created for 10-23

Exterior of the Diner

Interior of Diner

Bathroom with Monster
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