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Hey ppl,

Starting a new thread of one of my current WIPs.
I started to work on the scene quite long ago, but i was busy with other stuff and only recently I thought I've got something to start showing :P

I did few explanatory vids to save me some time on typing ;)

Here is a rough composition and brainstorming for the setting:


I started by figuring out main shaders for most of metal debris surfaces first as it will be used on most of the assets in the scene and will determine how i will model and texture the rest of the assets.
I definitely want to go with re-usable tiled sets of textures to be able to do most of things with them instead of doing large meshes with huge unique textures for them.
So i picked up the Vertex Color blend approach as it fits the large scale scene where various assets will need to have some visual variation while re-using same set of textures.
In the vid below I show few foreground rubble modules which I did and how my shaders work on them. That is my starting point to keep working on other meshes of various scale and detail to populate the scene in the future:


And here are few screenshots which may show some details more clear since they don't suffer from video compression :P




And here i started the mesh for the "beginning" area. I wanted to establish the shape and location of the mesh surrounding "player start" area first as it will be the departing point to start placing other assets around it in the future:

Note: i haven't applied the vertex colors to it yet.


NOTE: the terrain is quite a rough shape for now just to get the feel. Same goes for the sky, fog and lighting. Water is a temp one taken from UDK and terrain is using a plain CgTextures image without any tweaks. It is a placeholder as well since i wanted to avoid checkerboard default textures in the scene :P


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