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Workshop #03 - Dn2

polycounter lvl 8
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Dn2 polycounter lvl 8
took the more simple approach. i tend to not plan out my stuff properly and scrap most everything i try to make. been almost a year since i started teaching myself (tutorials and lurking different forums) and well... i dont think im getting anywhere :/

anyways...finally grew a pair tried something and posted it >_>
rendered in marma-whatyamacallit toolbag and using a temp spec map for now



  • tharle
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    tharle polycounter lvl 8
    looking good, couple of small crits though:

    you've got the right idea by bashing up the model and making it look used but imo it looks a little artificial. the ends, which i would have assumed would have taken the most damage are only ever so slightly rounded and the large dents in the sides look to have been made almost by squashing the wood with a large hammer or something. try and think about the history of the object and what might have caused the damage that you're modelling - for example i presume this is a weapon so little chunks would likely have been cut out of it where it has been used to block incoming sword blows for example.

    i actually saw a really good tutorial for a wooden plank on autodesk area yesterday - check it out. http://area.autodesk.com/tutorials/mudbox_techniques_for_props_1_wood
  • Dn2
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    Dn2 polycounter lvl 8
    wow thanks for the reply!

    i see what you mean about the damage. ill work on it some more and keep those ideas in mind.

    i actually saw that tut already...but ill give it another watch and see what i can take from it

    thanks :)
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