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Jimmy Squarefoot

Wut up playaaaaas....here's the first character ive done in 6 months. Did it over the weekend, something fun to get back into the 3d madness. The model's based off of one of Brian Froud's goblins... probably gonna do a few more like it.


  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    Looking pretty cool man! I am liking the head! Maybe push back the eyes a little bit. They are pretty bright. Could be your spec map blowing it out.
    Would like to see a wireframe because I feel like you could probably pull some tris from other areas and put them into places that need it. Like his back hump, shoulders and ears.
    You have a texture seam going up his back that is kinda bad.
    And your normal information that you created is pushed way too hard. The normal information you have is so noisy that it is making him look like concrete. You should probably take that information and pull it down to 20-35% of what it is. And lastly I feel like your spec map is blown out a bit. The spec map could also maybe use some work.

    Keep up the good work man. Just needs some tweaking. :D
  • MainManiac
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    MainManiac polycounter lvl 11
    his feet arent square, please do not lie.

  • thedrew
    i also have a bone out in the center render lol
  • thedrew
    okay heres an update after some tlc....and realizing i had an extra bump layer checked on... Thanks for the crits!
  • NoltaN
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    NoltaN polycounter lvl 8
    Looks great drew. Hes a fun character. I was going to mention the bump detail being a bit hash but I see you've fixed it. Looks great. I think it might be cool to give him a satchel or something? Maybe give him more of a purpose rather than being just a pig-man. Maybe hes got a a grumpy pig mailman or something? You could have mail like hanging out of the satchel around him haha. Anyway just an idea to add a little more meaning to the character.

    Either way, Looks great :D
  • stimpack
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    stimpack polycounter lvl 10
    I LOVE that book. kool model! he and the stray sod were my favs.
  • Michael Knubben
    At this point you'd be better off not having spec or normal and really going for it diffuse-only. Did you by any chance make your normal with the nvidia filter or similar? It's all high-frequency detail, none of the larger shapes in the diffuse are really supported by the normals.
  • JGcount
    I like the model and textures and I think it has potential, but like some of the others I feel your render and normal map is letting it down. Especially the lack of light/dark side. Why is he so lit under his arms fx?

    He simply feels too illuminated to me and fixing that would help alot. But again, great character imo.
  • thedrew
    thanks dudes. Like i said this was a quick one i think im hangin it for now after those last changes. I think my rim is way too bright lol...about that reflective arm.....
  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    OH yeah! Pulling off on that normal information helped it a ton. Only thing I might suggest is a little bit of shadow in areas as JGcount was saying it was too illuminated. You might try a lowpoly to lowpoly ambient occlusion bake... Just to get some of that shadow underneath his armpits and in-between the legs. Should be really quick yet pretty powerful.
    Great work man!
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