LPC vol2 #4 - TRON - Final Submissions

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This is the final submissions thread, please read the entry rules below carefully:

This thread will lock at midnight December the 27th. (week long extension)
Any additional chatter will be deleted without warning.

You must have a development thread to enter the challenge finals.

Entry Procedure:

Name: (your name)
Entry Title: (your scene, player or vehicle name)

Image 1: Beauty shot. (any size, AA & blending allowed)
Image 2: In-Game mockup. (iPhone / iPod touch - 480px by 320px [visa versa] or double that - no AA or blending allowed)
Image 3: Editor shot. (wireframes in editor, triangle counter visible.)

Optional: In-Game Video. (480x320 or 320x480 video of animation, youtube [so we can show on polycount easily])



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