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Leadwers Engine meets Architecture | Latest project done

I'm happy to unveil the latest project Pure3d had in the works for the past weeks. We did a real-time visualization for a french architecture client. Our task was to deliver a solid interactive visualization which shows the final real estate look near the french town of "Warmeriville". Some elements needed to be directly shown like cyclling paths, little parc elements and of course the 80+ land sections.


Workflow differs from game-development. You work a lot more in the modelling application and export larger chunks of prepared models. Things like modular design can't be applied in most cases because you are bound to the CAD floorplans which need to be rebuild accurate.


Polycount and other "rules" for game-development don't need to be taken into account in some cases. This speeds up modeling but if a client demands an interactive visualization to pass it further to his clients you need to optimize the scenes like doing a game-level. Most times you have even to optimize more because architects are usually no gamers with high-end graphics software.


In this case a movie and print-ready screenshots were the main task. Rendering was a blaze. With a source material of 4000px x 3000px per frame the whole movie rendered around 30minutes and was re-scaled later to 1080p. CG renderers can't compete here in speed. The whole pre-viz stage was skipped because of the speed advantages too. If something was wrong with the fly-through, we just adjusted it in real-time.


So what's the bottom line?
For some projects you can go crazy and do really HD assets to get rid of the game-art look. The quality of the real-time solution relies heavy on the clients need and budget. Does he want to just sell land like in this case, or does he present large scale projects in the best possible graphical way?


For complex requirements we have a lot more to offer with Leadwerks. Walking and talking 3d people, driving cars (even the viewer can drive them), flying animals, more polies, fast movie rendering and a prooved production pipeline coming from game-development on up to 16 square kilometers terrains.
So stay tuned for additional projects coming in a few months.


Links: YouTube
Website: www.pure3d.de

Finally I wasn't sure if this is the right forum to show because architects needs are very different like game-developers. I would never submit repeating textures like on the cycling path in a game hehe.
It was a tough project in some cases too. I got around 28 pages of requirements like heights and specimen of hedges, not allowed plastic pipes or woodden fences, not more than 30% of land covered with at least 2 trees on it, no other roof allowed as red. And all such stuff which also applies to the buyers of the land later on.

All in all the client was very pleased with the final product and the advantage of realtime. With CG rendering you pay up to 350$ and more for a second of film. With realtime you dont need a large renderfarms and big workstations. So I'm able to offer the same services up to 60% cheaper and clients who just want to show stuff in a rought manner don't need CG.

There are two new tools for architects based on game-egnines (Twinmotion and Lumion) and it's interesting to see how architects adopt those tools. I also found threads with people complaining why they are not able to just drag and drop their 2.000.000 polies model right into those tools. So I guess there is a lot to learn about how real-time engines work over there. :)


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    why they are not able to just drag and drop their 2.000.000 polies model right into those tools. So I guess there is a lot to learn about how real-time engines work over there.

    Haha, sounds like a fun project. I like challenges like this so you were very lucky. The final result looks good too. Hell if it looks like that in real life I'd probably live there :P
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