Modular design within games.

Hi everyone,
I am currently working on a research project into the effects of modular assets (benefits and problems) within games design, aimed towards UDK however a general knowledge-base for all games engines.

I have currently found a fair few tutorials and information based upon this subject, there's an entire section here on the polycount wiki (very helpful) and tutorials from 3d-palace and others that are free and available over the Internet.
The following is what I found so far.
UDN - Two - WorkflowAndModularity
CategoryEnvironmentModularity - Polycount Wiki
Gamasutra - Features - Creating Modular Game Art For Fast Level Design
3dmotive | Sci-fi Modular Floor Workflow
MT7 – Modular Structure Building in 3ds Max – The Bunker 3d-Palace
Modular Floor Tiles - Outlined in Shadow - Polycount Forum
Modular vs single mesh - Polycount Forum
Sci-Fi Spaceship w/tileable texture elements workflow - Polycount Forum
The Best Quality Seamless Tileable 3D Textures*Ever - PhotoSculpt Blog - PhotoSculpt creates 3D models and textures from 2 stereo photos
Digital Mercs 2009 December
3D modular Models, 3D modular Animation, 3D modular Files at TurboSquid

I am after as much information on the subject as possible, this includes any tutorials on the subject, these may not be directly related to modular assets however may contain snippets of information within the tutorial and may be just an overall optimization techniques tutorial or other tutorial.

Along with these tutorials I am after any technical information on the subject, as an artist this will be my weak area on the research and not entirely sure what to search for regarding the technical aspect.

I do know that having only one asset takes up the same amount of memory and is not related to how many times it is re-used, the only new things that will be added per asset would be lightmaps and world position information, collision detection may also come into this however if this is set up by a volume in UDK over an entire surface this possibly would not be the case.

However I am trying to find specific information on how engines handle data like this and also I need evidence/information currently available to back up the theory (If people post information directly about the subject then can I please have permision to quote yourself and if is the case, could I possibly have information on what position you may hold within industry or experience within the subject so I can have a solid and relevent basis for my research, I dont mean to offend people who have no experience but I cant use it to back research up even if it is correct as industry standards hevily influence the way everyone works and normaly has a standard and been proven.)

On top of information and tutorials on how to create modular assets, I would also like examples of games that heavily use a modular aspect, games such as mass effect and mass effect 2, Total war seires (uses the same units though not module it uses the same effect and also buildings I do belive use a modular design) and UT3 use modularity a fair bit in different areas of game play and to different effect.

With a large user base on these forums directly aimed towards games I am hoping that there are a few of you that may know of tutorials that may be hard to find, or may at first glance seem irrelevant to the subject.

In return of any help given I would be giving out the research I do on the subject so other people can benefit from this as well.

I would like to thank you in advanced for reading and any help provided.


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