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Software Engineer (Codename)

Codename is an independent game label. As such, Codename supports and nurtures independent game designers and provides a development environment that excels at delivering interesting, unique games. Codename provides a space for experimentation, where the label’s small-teams and individuals explore their ideas about game design.

Title: Software Engineer
Status: Exempt
Report to: Production Manager

Job Summary
Answering to directly to the Production Manager, the Codename software engineer is part of a core in-house development team. The Lead Software Engineer will work on several projects throughout the year, primarily building games and game engines inside a Lua framework with a Maya art pipeline. The Lead Software Engineer will have primary responsibility for implementing core design features on internal projects, and managing asset and code delivery from outsourcers. The position will include advising external development teams, and assisting them in establishing an engineering and content pipeline.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Duty/Responsiblity. This position requires extensive knowledge of computer programming, and familiarity with lua or python.
• Duty/Responsiblity. This position is directly responsible for the software engineering for internal projects.
• Duty/Responsiblity. This position is directly responsible for the managing all of their project’s technical platforms,
• Duty/Responsiblity. In alignment with the extraordinary needs of an independent game development label, the incumbent must oversee and execute the establishment and management of an engineering pipeline for internal projects.
• Duty/Responsiblity. To the degree necessary and appropriate, provide support and participate in the establishment of an engineering pipeline for external projects.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
This position requires a breadth of skills and abilities including:
• Lua and/or Python expertise.
• Experience, skill, and ease working within small teams.
• Ability to handle content pipeline.
• Skills and management of engineering process.
• Skill and experience in working in, building, and documenting a complex technical structures.
• Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems.
• Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
• A passion for awesome games and innovative content.

Credentials and Experience
• 1 - 2 years of related experience;
• A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field.

Special Requirements
This position is intended to be central to a paradigm-shifting organization; as such it requires an exceptional individual willing and dedicated to participating in an innovative and creative environment.

If interested in this job, or in finding out more details about the position, please contact Sam Roberts at [email protected].
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