Legend of Zelda - Three9's Adventure

Well obviously I've been inspired by Disting :P. I really loved the style he took and the progress he made on Link, so I decided to try and take my own stab at some sub-d modeling using the Zelda universe. I decided that Ganondorf is a pretty cool figure and he'd probably be fun to mess around with :D. I chose the Twilight Princess style, though I may make some accommodations to include some OOT additions or revisions.

Anyway, I plan on doing the same thing as Disting; start out with a high poly sub-d version and bake it down to normals for a low poly, and do any other high detail revisions using NDO.


now things I know...
First, I'm really ashamed at myself for making him in such a stiff/non-natual pose. As a hopeful character astist I am shamefaced for this and will either fix this before baking it down or fix it on the low poly

Second, the arms look a little funky, and Disting pointed out that those upper arm bands might be causing it, I'll fix it :)

Lastly, the heels I totally even forgot I hadn't touched when I took these renders, definitely gotta tweak them

aside from that feel free to critique away! I had a huge problem finding good reference for Ganon, couldn't find ANY official concept art and the shots of him on the internet aren't really the best. This is a mood sheet sorta I put together of different shots I was using; the cartoon one was more for color palette. Don't worry I'm not using that photoshopped face for modeling, lol


  • Habboi
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    Looking good. I can't really see anything wrong with it at this stage but I have to say I never did like the Twilight Princess design. I felt he looked too fat and loved the slimmer one from OoT.
  • [SF]Three9
    I agree and disagree, well at least in my opinion :D. While I love the design of how he looks, I do agree he looks fat and chubby. That's something I plan on taking from OOT and making him look a bit more threatening and powerful

    appreciate it :D
  • jimmypopali
    I think with the red ribbon around his waist, it seems to either run past the tip of the point, or go JUST under the tip. I'm not sure if it actually ties to the plate there.

    I think his ankles almost look slightly twisted aswell. Might just be the perspective, but Gannondorf seems to stand with his feet slightly facing out. Makes his shin plates look more straight, rather than twist with the way his feet are facing.
  • Snader
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    Snader polycounter lvl 9
    The way you've made the folds make it look more like a rubber hazmat suit than soft fabric clothing.

    Also check your proportions and posture
    -smaller feet/bigger knee (notice how the ref has tapering boots)
    -chunkier upper legs
    -wider hips, he looks flimsy right now
    -feet a bit rotated outwards, more comfortable pose
    -pelvis more forward, feet and shoulders a bit back - kind of like an ) from the left side
    -slightly bend arms
  • [SF]Three9
    @Jimmy I'm really not sure either. I'm going to do my best to try and find more reference pictures of ganon and see if it shows that area any better too. hopefully I'll be able to find out

    twisted ankles, were you referring to my model or the official one? I'm a bit confused on this :x

    @Snader yea this was my first experiment making folds ever....I'm really not happy with the result. I'm probably going to just flatten it all back out and try sculpting it in mudbox or something. I'll get on the other things you mentioned this weekend, but for now I just got the pose

    slight update, he has hands!

    I feel like his arms are too long; anyone else agree? I think his bicept might be a bit too long, but not really sure if that's it
  • autokey
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    Good start, [SF]Three9! I do agree that his arms look a bit too long, but his legs also look too short :) So maybe try to lengthen his legs before addressing the arms. The hands should come down to about mid-thigh, so right now, they don't look too far off from that.
  • [SF]Three9
    definitely autokey, I'll test that out after this weekend, thanks man!

    so bleh...thought ganondorf's head would be hard but I figured I'd get the shape down somewhat easily, and I was wrong. To me the side view looks great, but the frontal needs a lot of work

  • [SF]Three9
    Update again...think his head is slowly getting better...He's starting to take a more OOT head shape to him, rather than the flat take in Twilight Princess....I think he's going to turn out even more sinister
  • [SF]Three9
    still quite a few things left to do and tweak up before I can start on the low poly...so close and so far away!


    Arm/Leg length I think has been fixed...also I think i fixed the scale on his head and it should be proportionate and accurate. I'm questioning the thickness of his chest-to-waist-to-hips, will be messing around with that next

    gotta add the backs to a few things here and there, like the
    -leg plate armor, needs a back to it to smooth properly,
    -have some form of connection from the foot to the leg/armor
    -model back of the headdress
    -model inside of mouth
    -model shirt collar around his neck
    -add detail to his neck thing
    -go back and add all the simple but minor details to things, like the chest armor

    lots and lots of little things, hope to be done tomorrow though, we'll see :x
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 13
    The bunching of the leathery fabric is looking a bit strange in a few places, particularly on the knees. I think it'd be worth hunting down some good references of similar costumes and revisiting your sculpt there.
  • autokey
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    autokey polycounter lvl 7
    Looking good! :D His legs still look a bit too short to me. Also, in the profile view, he looks a bit thin around his upper leg/hips area.
  • dejawolf
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    dejawolf polycounter lvl 11
    arms are a bit too far from his torso.
  • [SF]Three9
    first of all sorry for the black backgrounds in these renders, wasn't really paying attention...I wish Maya had a global background setting like in max...probably exists I just don't know about it, oh well

    @Jackablade yea man totally :D...I'm going to go back and do the hair and cloth folds in mudbox...this whole thing was done in sub-d and I just don't think I have enough knowledge of sub-d to really get good folds just yet, just creases that can be manipulated into a somewhat-cloth-like appearance....I'll get it though :)

    @autokey & @dejawolf, I went ahead and pulled the arms closer to the body a bit, is that any better if you can tell? I also shrunk the bicept and lengthened the forearm, they were really bothering me. Do you think the legs should still be lengthened autokey? His hips are supposed to be inbetween those red straps and that leather-strapped gladiator type belt thing. I didn't mess with the width of the hids in the profile view yet because when i glanced at that the hands were in the way and someone at class distracted me and I forgot, but I'll get it next pass

    anyway I decided against making some of these details through nDo and wanted to go ahead and model them, so Ganon is getting even more detail! Also redid the shoulderpads as I had modeled them incorrectly. A few facial tweaks here and there, also widened the hips in the frontal view

  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 9
    Really, really good progress on this!
    Only thing that bothers me is that he looks light as a feather. I'm not sure if it's the pose or his proportions. Sorry! >.<
    Hopefully someone with more experience than me feels the same way and can explain a bit more. :P

    Keep it up man!
  • [SF]Three9
    I think I know what you're saying, I'll see if I can't fix it in the low poly after he's baked

    small update...I think his shoulders are too wide still...hmm

    I lost a whole day's worth of work (DAMN YOU MAYA!)...I save a lot, but decided to go a whole day at class without saving...awesome lol

    some of the thigh pad detail isn't showing properly...idk why, going to fix that
  • Marshal Banana
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    Looking good thus far. I'd recommend beefing up his neck and lowering his eyebrows, as well as changing the shape and position of his eyes, since he's rather cross-eyed currently. There's also the issue of his upper arms bowing outward rather than being straight.

    Here's a paintover showing these two things:
  • [SF]Three9
    hah...i think in my mind i wrote off the bicept bending as "oh its just the fabric being like that"....but even if that was the case, it wouldn't lay like that at all...thanks man

    and those slight changes to the eyes really do help...i think i was focused on trying to get a somewhat neutral position to his face, but ganondorf never really does look neutral lol...thanks for that!
  • Jungsik
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    Nice model so far
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