Move tool in maya compared to 3ds max

So I've found this is really hard to explain but in maya there is a way to use the move tool based on your perspective view. Basically you would grab the whole move tool not an arrow and then move it based on your perspective and it won't move towards or away from the screen. Is there a way to get the move tool in 3ds max to behave the same way. It seems you can only grab either 1 axis(aka x, y, or z) or 1 plane(aka xy,zy, etc)?


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    you could either change your reference coordinate space up at the top from "View" to "Screen" (which will change behavior of all axes to screenspace)
    or you can get a separate gizmo on your move tool thatll do it for you:
    go to Customize->Preferences->Gizmos then there's a section at the bottom left called "Center Box Handle" where you can set it to "Move in Screenspace"
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