ERGH Business Cards and copyright, fffffffffffffffff

ok so, yea, running into a problem. For class right now we are required to get all our shits together and get a working resume, web presence, business card, etc etc etc....because of this, I have a 2 part question


Well for all you gaming professionals out there I have a quick question that the answer is probably "You're an idiot for even thinking there is a chance this would be ok"

A lot of work I've done has actually been the replication of an existing idea (example would be a Prawn from District 9). Obviously I did not work on District 9 and have no involvement in it; I'm just a fan of a great movie. Because of this, I researched like crazy and modeled my very own prawn. I'm really happy with the model and it's one of the best characters that I've most recently done (though proportions need to be revisited). Would it be illegal/frowned upon to use this model on my personal business card while looking for employment?

While the concept of a Prawn is not my own, the model is completely mine. I was thinking about it and im pretty sure there are concept artists out there who have drawn up a concept of a pre-existing ID and used it for themselves I'm sure. There has to be at least 1 blizzard/wow fan out there doing it, I just don't know if that's a good path to go down? This prawn of mine is not specifically Christopher Johnson, and also shows I can take an idea and replicate it. To show, here you go
Link to a scene replication with textures and such here


So if part 1 is a no go, try this on then. EA's Westwood no longer exists. C&C Tiberian Sun was released over a decade ago. In 2006 I created my own take on Nod's light infantry soldier, seen here
In 2008, I decided to revisit this idea and try again at a higher polycount level
This is a really bad image, but this was westwood's actual concept/matte painting of the Nod Light Infantry

Although taken from the same idea, my model is noticeably different and similar to this design. Since it's my own take on the idea, would this be acceptable to use on my personal business card? The one done is 2006 doesn't accurately show my work, although the texture is fully complete, so I wouldn't be using that one I don't think

For a final tie-up question, if either of these methods would work, is there a way I could credit the source without it looking tacky on my card?

Thanks for reading a probably longer than needed post :)


  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    I don't see any problem using your art on your business card. But the real question is; do you have any finished pieces you can put on there or just these unposed, untextured models, as they would be a better choice.
  • [SF]Three9
    Unfortunately only the Prawn and 2006 soldier are unwrapped...the high poly one never was, and my schedule at the moment won't allow me to even attempt that. I do have a somewhat decent texture for the Prawn that is currently unfinished, but should be good enough currently to go onto my business card with a few touch ups here and there. The 2006 soldier is also hooked up to the 2142 skeleton somewhere so that's an easy posing, and the Prawn I have a really crappy skeleton setup that could once against pose him for a good render easily

    I realize untextured work really would look quite silly on my card on my card, so I'd like to steer away from that
  • 00Zero
    maybe this is just my opinion, but i wouldnt clutter your business card with so much visual information. a simple, nicely designed one can go a long way. out of all the business cards i have from other people, the ones that i dislike the most are the ones where they try to fit an entire environment render, or some random character on it. its just distracting.
  • [SF]Three9
    That would keep me from having to update my card all the time and having old cards...hmm...well in that aspect then, what do you think of this design and layout?

    The Orange on my contact info didn't really come out the way I intended...going to change that out with a tan/light brown; I think that would fit better. Also don't go to my portfolio website! it needs to be redone! lol
  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    Since you haven't unwrapped and textured a character in four years, this business card s the least of your worries. Leave it as is and move on. Thanks.
  • [SF]Three9
    I'm sorry Cholden I don't agree with you. Representation of yourself is something very important. I've unwrapped more characters in the past four years, I just don't want them on my business card. I appreciate your first reply but not that one in the least. I don't need you to talk down to me and if you can't offer me guidance without doing so then please don't reply. I can see where you came up with that assumption, but we all know what assuming does Cholden ;). Thanks.
  • Emil Mujanovic
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    Emil Mujanovic polycounter lvl 12
    Why does your business card have your online alias taking up an entire side? Is this some business name or company you have going on? If not, then get rid of it! It makes no sense.

    The front of your business card should have your name, your position/role and some contact details. Stay away from online aliases or personas as they will not help you in any way shape or form.
    Keeping your business card simple and easy to read is key. No one wants a business card that looks like you're from a Counter-Strike clan and you don't want to have a card like that if you hope to be taken seriously.

    I know some people like to put examples of their work on their cards... I'm not a big fan of that personally, as you have to cram it on a tiny space and more often than not it doesn't do the piece much justice (this isn't always the case).

    At the end of the day, it is YOUR business card. You'll design it the way YOU want it and how you want to represent yourself. Right now, if it weren't for the giant "3D character artist" text, I'd think you were selling cyborg bees or something.
  • Frump
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    Frump polycounter lvl 9
    I would also say it's better to leave the characters off of the card because it'll be too busy. If you want them on there, put them on the backside and just have all contact info on the front side. Sort of like your existing one. One side art, one side contact.

    Your name should be the biggest thing on the card. Your card is supposed to tell them who you are, not THREE 9, 3D CHARACTER ARTIST. It should clearly be the card of Aaron Morse. The person with your card isn't going to remember Three 9 unless they know you. It also sounds like a business to me, Three 9 studios or somesuch.

    Try to keep your card simple. The old one there is very cheesy and looks like you followed a dozen photoshop sci-fi forum signature tutorials. The honeycombs are fine but I would get rid of all the embossed black parts, angled lines and grill.

    So yeah, if the backside of your card has the THREE 9 text and the characters, and the front has your name and contact info, I think that would work.

    Post the new stuff when you have it finished for crits.
  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 13
    a fancy business card won't get you a job. i would consider a strong portfolio vastly more important than a slick card.

    if you insist on it, this design does nothing for me. it's generic sci-fi and looks dated. it doesn't have your name on the front. the information on the back isn't displayed well or clearly. when i'm handed a card, i want to easily see three things: a name, what they do, and a link to their work.

    what exactly are you trying to tell potential employers with this card?
  • [SF]Three9
    Haha, apprecaite all that Emil. I've gotten an assortment of information from various locations and trying to do my best to compile it all. I'll get rid of the online alias then as I've had that mentioned by a few others, yours just tipped the scale :P.

    That whole center piece was just suppose to be my logo/signature. I got an idea for how I can incorporate my initials into it instead

    So Emil for you personally, are you a fan of the blank backside to business cards?

    Frump and Sect, just grouping you both together, thanks for all that info and I'll definitely rework the card and go more simple as that seems to be the general statement
  • nrek
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    nrek polycounter lvl 9
    Although you might not like to hear it, Cholden is right, getting your work looking presentable should be your number 1 concern. You can dress yourself up and have a fancy business card but if it just leads them to sub-par work then it has all been a waste. Now the work you have does look pretty solid, just unfinished. So get on that.

    However if you need to do this for a class then perhaps you can at least hide the fact that this stuff is unfinished. Try to apply a single material to the entire model and display it in the same manner you would a highpoly model. Maybe do some creative wireframe rendering. OR just finish it.

    Ditch the logo, and put your name on the front. I wouldn't even bother putting your "Three 9" alias on there. You want these potential employers to remember you, why give them two names to remember when you only need one.

    Get a real email an make it as professional as possible, like using your [email][email protected]/gmail/[/email] . School e-mails will expire x-number of months after you graduate. And in the meantime you can just have your pro email forwarded to whatever email you use as a primary.

    Oh and while working on print material like business cards don't forget to include sufficient bleed. Right now your work looks likes its getting pretty close to the edge, during printing some of this may get cut off.
  • Emil Mujanovic
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    Emil Mujanovic polycounter lvl 12
    There's nothing wrong with a blank back for your business card, but that space can be taken up with a variety of things. For example, you could make a concise list of your skills, software you know/use. This too should be done in the simplest way possible, because you don't want it looking tacky either.

    Alternatively, you could just flood fill it with a single colour so as not to leave it blank white. The front of the card is the most important. Your name should be the largest type (as Frump mentioned), followed by your position/role directly under. Then your contact details (phone, e-mail, web).
  • [SF]Three9
    deifnitely Nrek :)

    I know I'm not ready for the industry and although I'll always have more to learn, I currently have a lot to learn. I don't expect to get a job anytime soon; especially while in school. Next semester I plan on having 4 fully finished and polished character pieces that will really strengthen my portfolio and get rid of the old garbage I currently have attached to my name

    I considered fudging some things around in photoshop, but I think the general consensus is to not even use characters. The Three9 thing once again I've just been mislead about; never even occurred to me that it makes potential employers have 2 names to try and remember instead of 1, suppose that is counter-productive. The school e-mail, while I guess should be obvious, I never even thought about so thanks for that. For this project and currently it's going to remain as that, but will change in the future.

    I really really do appreciate all the critique and everything for this. I know business cards may not seem like something to stress about but I don't want to make a fool of myself. I have a lot of work to do to get up to par and this is just one step of it. I really want to have a job in the future and I'm super intimidated even thinking about trying
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