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Windows 7, 3DS Max, and weird Wacom tablet problem...

I've got a problem with my Wacom tablet in W7 and 3ds Max 2010. I'm sure I'm not the only one who, when installing Windows 7, quickly disables the TabletPC junk. I usually disable it entirely by turning off the service for it in Computer Management.

But when I run Max, it partially re-enables itself, and I can't use a stylus in Max without my expensive, state-of-the-art, intelligent, desktop workstation thinking it's a tablet PC and messing up my workflow. I say it's "partial" because if I look at the service for it, it's still listed as "disabled." But the effects of it are visible in Max, and carry over outside of Max for some time. I have to close Max, log out, and log back in to get rid of the tablet PC stuff.

Has anyone else encountered this?


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