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I need help (mouse problem under Win 7)

So over the summer I went and purchased a new system with all the bells and whistles. I upgraded to Photoshop CS5 as well. Was happy with everything and all seemed fine.

So I come back from vacation to get to work on some contract stuff and suddenly realize that the mouse is not functioning right, specifically the mouse wheel. It is very difficult for me to describe the problem in a way where I can search for it. So I figured the only way to perhaps find a solution is to post here since you guys might know what I mean based on the programs I'm using.


As you can see, I highlighted the values (blue). Used to be, on my old system I could use the Mouse Wheel to scroll up or down, when I did that the value would Increase or Decrease. But now when ever I do that it doesn't do anything and it stops highlighting.

In Max it increases by one number only and then stops. In Photoshop it doesn't even increase or decrease brush size or layer opacity, etc. My hand is starting to ache now and is getting tired really fast because of this since I was so used to using the mouse wheel.

I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me or if you can help me describe the problem correctly (with the right technical terms) so I can search for a solution.

I'm using a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 and have the latest drivers. I switched to several of my older mice and the problem is still there. This system runs win 7 64bit. I tried several solutions suggested at the Photoshop forums but none of that worked. I think this is a Win 7 issue.

I'd be so greatful for any help you guys can give me on this.


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