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BEAT-EM-UP! | Kysterama

Hi everyone!
A couple of mates at work are entering this challenge so they've inspired me to do the same. My idea is to create a Honey I Shrunk The Kids / Arthur and the Invisibles style environment.

The main challenges I expect to face are:

- Using UDK. I'm familiar with unreal3 editor basics from the Scene from a movie challenge I did last year, but to push the boundaries in terms of style and engine features will be a challenge.
- Creating a whimsical environment for a miniature person. My background is in doing real world scale scenes and objects so this will be a fun challenge.
- Dialing back on high poly modeling. I tend to get caught up in this lately, but want to work on increasing my work speed and getting that sweet spot in terms of concept to polish without getting bogged down unnecessarily along the way.

Well, onto the concept:

I suck at drawing, so i started blocking out a scene in Max with some throw-away textures to give me a sense of scale, colour and lighting. This is a few hours work and doesn't represent anything more than a sketch.


And here's a mood board of sorts. I want to make one of the sections have more depth with some far background shenanigans going on. Ideas on this are welcome!
At the moment the depth of the scene is very shallow.



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