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ParoXum polycounter lvl 9
Watch in HD (1080p if your computer can handle it):


Here's my final shots,
I dont know how much beauty shots needed for this challenge, so I'll post all four at the moment:


And here's my texture sheet, a bit less than 2048*4096 pixels used(half size here):


The whole level is 172,000 -ish triangles, minus the editor camera.
Map and package for 60Mb.

Did I say this challenge was starting just a the right moment? This is great.

I will use the UDK

Here the setting for my piece:

-Futuristic prison
-Nuclear Depot
-A spaceship that you have to kill throwing nuclear waste barrels
-Lots of pipes
-Lots of electric cables
-Unknown planet background metropolis
-Flying cars? (Yeah Johnline, you read it)

If the challenge is 6-8 weeks long there should be enough time If I can work on it a good amount of time.

The goal:

The challenge for me is to create some sci-fi props and create a scene using a lot of metal parts. As you can see in my previous work I almost always did medieval, stone things and foliage. This one will be dirty.

The moodboard


And two quick concepts I made to imagine the plane and the level:



The plane is optionnal but it can make a nice living element in the sewer part. While the other parts are closed. Also the level might not look like this at all about the proportions. It'll be more like 60% foreground and 40% background.


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