Torchlight Handpainted Style Building

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Darkmaster polycounter lvl 8
Workin on some handpainted props and structures. Really struggling to get just the right look with my paint, so any crits and comments are welcome! Thanks guys


  • PatrickL
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    PatrickL polycounter lvl 6
    Right off hand, I see you need a lot more color variation with the texture. All the planks are all the same color, when you could make a few darker and some lighter to get a ton of variation. The roof texture seems very undefined, as I can't really make out what it is supposed to be made out of... Shingles? Planks? And it also needs some more color variation, which can be done the same way.
  • nullfed
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    nullfed polycounter lvl 7
    The first thing that jumps out at me is the alignment of the textures:

    - The small roof section should have the same direction as the main roof

    - At the peak of the roof, the seam that is visible, If it is supposed to be a separate section then maybe define it better either in the texture or even a small lip in the geometry. At the moment, it just looks like a seam

    - the main walls. Even though there's nothing wrong with having horizontal planks as in your pic, my mind automatically wanted to turn them vertical!

    As for the textures themselves:

    As PatrickL mentioned, its hard to tell what the materials are. If you have a clearer idea as to what this stuff is actually made of and how its put together, it will make it easier to make the textures in the first place as well as making your end result more readable and generally better.

    The roof looks almost like it could be corrugated. If so, emphasise that in your texture. Again, reiterating what PatrickL said, make some colour variations in the different elements. This will make your texture more interesting.
    If the roof is more like slates or shingles, then paint those things individually (or have a few variations you can copy around the texture. I know that hand painted texture questions have come up recently, along with a couple of tutorials and tips:

    Check them out, there are more if you do a search.

    One thing I do when painting handpainted stuff is to turn off lighting/shading in the viewport (i'm a maya user so I go Lighting>Use no lights. I can't remember what the MAX equivalent is!). This gives you a clearer idea of what the texture is really doing.

    The model looks pretty cool but could look awesome with a good texture. Once it clicks, handpainting is really fun. Keep at it! If you want specific help with a particular texture, post it and i'll try to lead you astray. I'm sure others will pipe up as well.
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