LPC vol2 #3 - Time Machine! - Final entries thread

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Welcome back travellers.

This is the thread for final entries, after this we have a voting thread, so make sure to get your entry in here before it's locked to be in with a chance to participate in the vote.

The rules are simple, but serious. Any entry submitted that doesn't adhere to these rules will be disqualified.

Rule #1 - 3 screens must be submitted: Beauty, wires, in-game.
Rule #2 - blending and antialiasing are not allowed.
Rule #3 - Wires screen must have polygon counter visible, and shot on medium grey.
Rule #4 - in-game screen must be 480 x 320 (or 320 x 480) pixels. Background colours or images are acceptable.
Rule #5 - Beauty can be anything you like, any size you like, with any props or background you like.

[edit]oops sorry! your traveller also needs a name![/edit]

And finally:

Rule #6 - this thread closes on monday evening.

(any comments in this thread will be deleted without warning)


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