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First sculpture

This is my first scuplture every
Allien beaste scuplt http://s831.photobucket.com/albums/zz240/huskysam/Sculptures/?action=view&current=Allienbeaste.jpg

I have the body now with a tiger type of stripe and the face have a scar. The tail is kinda a bug type of tail but i like the out come with this scuplt

C&C please


  • PeterK
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    PeterK greentooth
    Hi MFS , I think you need to work on this a bit more before anyone can critique it. Have alook at this video so you can see the workflow that another artist uses.


    Also make sure to look at some tutorials that give you information about mesh topology, and zbrush/mudbox.

    cheers mate.
  • MFS
    I am using blender sculpting. I have a dragon wip with more detail
  • achillesian
    try sculptris if you really want to focus on the sculpting technique, its a free tool with much more sculpting power than blender. I think.
  • planaria
    as much as i love blender they are right, you should try sculptris as blender's sculpting mode just cant handle very many polygons usually around 1.5 to 2 million it starts getting really choppy. sculptris does things in a more optimized manner so even if you get up to 2 million polys you will be using them far better then blender's normal sculpt mode.

    that said, one of the blender devs IS working on sculptri's style sculpting mode for blender *woot*
  • ZacD
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    ZacD sublime tool
    Using external apps is never a bad option, there is never one app to rule them all. I don't think sculpting in blender will ever be as good as using another app.
  • TNO
    Unlimited Clay in Blender looks promising...
    Blender only needs a reduce brush,better support for graph tablets (in the recently published beta version it wasn´t really good..) and a option for adding detail where you need it...
    (yeah you can go into the edit mode but it slows your workflow alot down if you have to switch between sculpt and edit mode a lot)
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