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I expect threads like this already exist but I cant find any after a quick search. So i'll start one.

I was made redundant from a games company a few weeks ago...BOOOO! So i've been looking at my options. Applying for other jobs and putting out the word that i'm also available for freelance work. I've had a few replies but one of my friends asked what my daily rate is. I've never really given it much thought. When I was on my degree I did a bit of freelance here and there. But as I was a student I just said something like £200 a week. Which was just a number off the top off my head. I was happy to get the work at the time and it went toward my portfolio. So it was just extra Beer tokens really.

Now that i'm proffessional I think i should ask for a more proffessional rate. So what should I charge....

Having looked about at freelance sites people are charging between £15 and £30 per hour (£120 - £240 per day). Which works out at quite a bit more than I expected. Obviously some people might just be greed online and charge more than they deserve.

Should I charge proffessional rates? (which could scare the clients away)


Should I be charging roughly the same as the (much lower paid) full time job I had?

I dont want to over or under sell myself. I know I should be asking for what I think my work is worth. I'd be happy to say £100 per day, hell I'd be happy to say £50 per day for now. Just to earn some cash.

Just wondered if anyone had any advice on the matter before I go and make a fool of myself and ask for £240 per day (I WISH!)


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