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polycounter lvl 7
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Shiniku polycounter lvl 7
Here're some screenshots.. looking for critique on anatomy, topology, whatever you can throw at me.

Idea is to kind of make a base for a low-poly RPG character who could potentially change outfits/hairstyles/etc, which is why he's such a clean slate right now.


  • Illusive
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    Illusive polycounter lvl 8
    i'd be keen to see what the nurms result is like
  • Torrrtilla
    It's hard to tell with wireframe on. Are you planning on sculpting a hipoly of this model? Proportion wise, the eyes feel too small, the head is about 5 eye lengths in width, you can imagine 1 eye length between the eyes and 1 eye length between the outer eye and the side of the head. The jaw seems rather flat from the side view, it usually tapers up to the ear a bit. The thumb worries me a bit but I can't tell with this image. Other than that seems like its off to a good start.
  • Shiniku
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    Shiniku polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks for the feedback! I adjusted a lot of the topology (especially the face) and tried to fix the eyes/jawline a bit.

    I wasn't planning on doing a high-poly sculpt with this model, but I'm thinking about changing my mind there. We'll see.

    Anyway, started some texturing. The back needs some major adjustment. (got some weird glitches happening here, too):
    Face retopo
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