TF2 - Polypack - Smilax

Class - Medic
Theme - Declassified: Military Medicine Brought to Light

Hat - The Practitioner's Peak
History - Before he worked for TF Industries, the Medic practiced medicine in his home country: a magical place where a medical license mattered as much to his employers as it did to him. But as his "superiors" ran into "difficulties" with "foreign relations", the Medic escaped.... with his favorite hat of course.

Melee - The Spritzen
History - Syringes have many purposes - vaccinations, inoculation, and euthanasia just to name a few. Made possible by a bloated military budget, the Medic learned just how effective (and satisfying) the proper injection could be.

Medigun - The Lichtwelle
History - As a medical genius, the Medic was never quite able to find another on his level of progressive creativity (or sadism). But through an apathetic sponsor, the Medic was given access to cutting-edge research without having to interact with scientists who couldn't stand to be injected with a little nitroglycerin.... that and they were dead.


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