Manmade Enviromental Props

Here are some High poly models of Props for a village type enviroment. I would like your C&C to help make the props even better. Please also tell me about any other things that would be in a modern day village enviroment that you would like me to make.

Here is a High Poly Barrel
Polys: 395,264
Vertices: 197,638



  • Moosey_G
    Well you haven't really made anything yet. Also why 400k polys for a barrel? Modern day village seems a little oxymoronic, but maybe you could model a well?
  • Fr0stguard
    Moosey_G: its 400k because it going to be used for the Normal map not ingame the low-poly is at around 800 polys. The villlage enviroment im kinda going for is the map Laguna Presa from battlefield Bad Company 2 just with my own style added in.
  • Moosey_G
    Okay I see. I don't think anything about 50k polys on that barrel is going to make the normals any better. About the environment, I would definitely go for scaffolding scattered around the edge of the scene.
  • Fr0stguard
    Fixed the Barrel it now sits a 75,000 polys for the high poly. It sounded wrong in my head when i looked at the poly count in MAX but i thought i might hve changed it myself but my friend added 3 extra turbosmooth modifiers last time she came over to my house.
  • Mime
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    Mime polycounter lvl 10
    Fr0stguard wrote: »
    but my friend added 3 extra turbosmooth modifiers last time she came over to my house.

    What ?
    Of all the things i do in my friends houses , adding turbosmooth on a barrel is not one of them..

    Seriously weird..
  • ZacD
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    ZacD interpolator
    Really the polycount on the highpoly doesn't matter as long as its not slowing down the viewport or anything. If anything, the barrel looks a bit too skinny, but there isn't much to comment on or critique.

    @Mime its fun to subdivide people stuff till their computer slows down to a crawl or crashes :P
  • Fr0stguard
    Mime: She likes to mess around with the things i make besides the fact she has no idea what the things do.

    ZacD: It isnt as skinny as it seems because i applyed an extra filter in photoshop while adjusting the hue of the saved render.

    Here is a rough 2x4
    (sorry about it beeing so hardto see the details. saved the render to small.)

  • Ott
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    Ott polycounter lvl 12
    Please provide reference of a 2x4 that looks like the one you posted.

    I think that your time could be better spent somewhere other than sculpting a 2x4 if your goal is to create an entire village environment.
  • Grey
    Yeah, think broad strokes if youre making an entire village. Ott is dead on here.
  • Fr0stguard
    Here is a textured low poly Wooden Crate.

  • Noodle!
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    Noodle! polycounter lvl 8
    I'm mostly a lurker and don't post much on this particular forum, but if you're making a village I would take heed of what Grey and Ott said. Do you have the village all planned out? I think you're running the risk of making many props and no village.

    As for the crate, right now you have seams that are no aligning an make little sense. I don't have photoshop installed right now, but they're on the corners in the outer wooden panels.

    If you're going to make an entire village, which is a huge undertaking, I'd recommend planning it out carefully and getting some concepts up. Know exactly what you need to model and how much you need to do.
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