TF2 - Polypack - Mnemosynaut

Update: 100% Complete!


Class: Scout
Theme: Bellhop/Usher

Why? Because I'm late and all the other themes were already taken. Seriously though, part of the Scout's accepted persona is that he is a lanky teenager who partakes in random odd jobs that teenagers usually partake in. Some themes have had him dressed up as a paperboy/mail man/soda jerk/etc.

Item #1: Brimless Bellhopper (Hat)

I originally made this hat a looong time ago. It was one of my first models ever, in fact. For the contest, I decided to go back and remake it using my superior modeling knowledge from today aka the future. I made considerable optimizations/tweaks to the model and completely redid the UV maps, texture and vmt from scratch.


Item #2: Bell Thing (Melee)

Just started this earlier today. It's a bell that dings when you hit people. Everyone likes dings.


Item #3: I Dunno (Misc)

Probably a suitcase or something.


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