TF2 - Polypack - MajorToms

So I started a WIP thread a couple of weeks back, but I didn't name it correctly. I renamed it, but it still doesn't show up in the main list of threads.

The Heavy Lunch Break

Final Outcome



DNF :(

Heavy Weapons Guy
The Mock-ups

Melee Weapon
Heavy MANN Lunch Tin
(WIP) lunchtin01.jpg
Secondary Weapon
The Soviet Slugger
(WIP) (considering renaming it to Heavy Hitter)

Some newer pictures for my models. No textures yet, but it's coming along.

The Soviet Slugger is just about finished. I have a couple of tweaks to do around the handle and I have to finish assigning smoothing groups.


Next up, I have the Peaked Cap that I've been working on. Not much in terms of polish yet. It's still a really rough work in progress. I'm undecided as to putting a star on the front with leaves coming out like some Russian peaked caps, or if I should put the Team Fortress Crosshairs on the front instead. The Heavy's Ushunka already has a star on it and I don't know if this will cramp that style.


Some pictures of the shotgun fully textured are on the way. I just have a few things to clean up on it.


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