[WIP] Space Mercs and their Guns

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Okay, I'm making this thread because I decided to concept a gun today, and for some reason posted it in WayWo. Rather than incite a shitstorm of flaming up there, I would appreciate redirection of your criticisms here!

First, these are some space dudes I tried to design a few weeks back. I have modeled parts of the male already, but mostly have been busy with other things, so that project is sitting idle. As such, any critique regarding their design is welcome.

I know it is irresponsible to do concepts without front/rear views, so if you just can't tell what anything is, don't bother.


I eventually wish to give them arms, with which they will wield space guns.
So, today I drew up this... whoops, I don't know anything about guns.
With a little help from my friends, it was able to reach this state...


A bit about the weapon:
  • The piece you cock folds out at the forward hinge.
  • Chunks in front of the trigger are batteries; they stack; here are two.
  • Rearmost glowy bit is a touch screen, operated by thumb or offhand.
  • Pumping the gun balances plasma/gas from the compressed battery to main chamber.
  • Firing releases this gas, and the waste / exhaust is collected in the back, powering the gun's electronics.
  • Amount of pressure can be set to trigger sensitivity. More batteries presumably allow further overall increase in pressure.

The main critique I am receiving is regarding the ergonomics of the stock. However, I have based it off a combat shotgun, which is more or less the same, save what I assume must be two or three vital contours - the "grip" curve downward and the shoulder bit being more square. Perhaps this is all it needs? I am open to advice. Thanks.


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    Updated the stock. This looks a bit more usable, plus it's adjustable (both vertically and horizontally).


    Here is what the pump looks like extended. This area is kind of dumb, so it's up for revision next... but if I'm not receiving any feedback I'll just assume it's fine, that or I come off as a dick, either way, the actual three dimensional aspect of the gun is a lot cooler in my head - wide, almost winged, like a shotgun crossbow... should be fun.

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