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Here is a piece that I've started concepting to represent a final boss for a game. I'll be making a sculpt of the two characters and will probably normal map and texture a game ready version. The concepts are gradually being finalized as you go down, any suggestions on which of the 4 designs on the bottom image work best?

Any & all suggestions are welcome.

Name: Le Cri (The Cry)

Le Cri was raised in a small village as a summoner. At the age of 10, she was taught how to summon small farm animals and as time went on her abilities became more powerful. The animals became larger and more imaginative. Her creative mind knew no limits.

There was a law however. When a creature was summoned it could only exist in this world for a short time and would then have to be sent back, like a mother bird letting go of her child. Having the ability to call upon any creature she desired, at age 23, she summoned Kre, the chameleon king. A strange bond was created between the two and when the time came, she did not have the heart to send Kre back.

Le Cri was banished from her home. Cast out from society she was forced to find a home in the caves and the woods that surrounded her. As years passed rumor spread of what became of Le Cri. Some villagers spoke of monsters others swore she was dead. Le Cri and Kre became soul mates. Their magical bond to each other caused Le Cri's form to change. The magic painfully ate away at her flesh. Her body became one with her surroundings, able to blend in just as Kre could.

Le Cri's hatred toward the ones who cast her out has made her a hunter. Villagers, travelers and anyone that she comes upon faces certain death. The woods are no longer safe. Some have escaped her grasp. The memory of Le Cri's sorrowful eyes remains burned in their memory, the carvings on her face that make her look as though she will cry for all eternity make it only fitting her that name means The Cry.





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