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Hi all! My item set for this contest is a Robin Hood theme for the Sniper class:
tf2sniperbow.jpg robinhood1938.jpg

A wooden bow and a sword would easily take on the functionality of the Sniper's Huntsman bow and melee weapons. And while the "real" Robin Hood was fabled to wear a hood, I think the feathered hat is more iconic thanks to the typical costume in movies (1938 version pictured above).

I suppose the theme might be a bit of a stretch within the TF2 universe; the Sniper is indeed Australian and not British (or in the 12th-13th century). But I would think that the Sniper has at least some respect for Robin Hood's reputation as a legendary marksman. Perhaps there's some jealousy/rivalry involved; the Sniper knows that he could "out-shoot that theoretical bastard any day" and so he decides to sport Robin Hood's hat and wield his weapons - partly mocking, and partly challenging himself to prove that point.

"Robin Hood's Legend"
Final Shots:

Straight 'n' Narrow
  • 5448 triangles
  • 512x512 diffuse map
  • Replaces the Huntsman

Sherwood Sword
  • 7816 triangles
  • 512x512 diffuse, specular maps
  • Replaces the Kukri

Robin Hood's Hat
  • 798 triangles
  • 256x256 diffuse map
  • New item!


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