Can sombody help me go through a character development process?

I'm not exactly new to the field of 3d, because I have gone through lots of sub-d hard surface modeling and basic sculpting in zbrush, but in all technicality I suck at character dev. I am good at sketching out basic cartoony villains and such, but when I try to bring it into 3d, I choke and it ends up looking horrible. So please, could anyone help me with this?


  • Bibendum
    You're only going to get help in proportion to the amount of information you provide.

    "My stuff looks bad" isn't exactly going to tell anyone what you want or need help with. Post a WIP image and tell them what you're trying to acheive and people will give you feedback on how to improve it.
  • Av7xrocker97

    Here's one of my few concepts. It's kinda rough, but he's an undead skeleton. I haven't tried to get him into 3d, but I want to find a way to make him a little bit stylized and portray that in 3d.
    I mean I think it would be good to check out a professional's way of character dev, right?
  • Bibendum
    Study anatomy and other artists work and you'll learn where you can convincingly push proportions to suit the style you're after. When you go to make a model or concept, use reference. Find a few images that represent something similar to what you want or have ideas that you like in them and when you aren't sure where to go with it, check back to them.
  • Av7xrocker97
    Well, I think it's just the styles I'm trying to reach for. Because I seem to do well in more set and mechanical or very realistic stuff like anatomy, but not cartoonism. I don't know why.
  • Kewop Decam
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    DKK wrote: »
    Yes, it's really quite simple you see the trick to it is... oh god, oh no... I've been shot, and subsequently will die, and I only have enough time to type the name of my killer... Ceca Trip!
    this made me seriously laugh out loud
  • tda
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    I think the reason you may be stuck is because your concept art is essentially a sphere on a black lump, if you try to model what you've drawn you'll get just that in 3d.

    I'd recommend revisiting the concept art, or better still if modelling is what you want to do you can use someone elses concept art or an actual photo of a skeleton as the initial direction for your piece. You can always change things in 3d once you have a solid base to work off. An actual skeleton would be preferable, as then the anatomy is correct. You can stylise after it's accurate.
  • chrisradsby
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    Every artist out there needs to have some kind of self-perception, you need to know when your concept won't translate into 3d or isn't up to snuff. If you can't use your own try using others concept to create your 3d stuff.
  • AsaNYC
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    Perhaps show some of your realistic work so we can see how to bridge it with a more iconic representation?
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