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MainManiac polycounter lvl 8
So i thought id actually give my first ever environment a shot. Im trying to keep the scene relatively simple because not only am i new to UDK but im also somewhat new to UV mapping and texturing in general.

I wanted the scene to be closely based on this concept art (i did not create this, was found on google). The scene will have a simple cartoony look as i am a beginner.

I started by making the house

But as usual with all my projects i feel a sense of failure at the beginning and wonder if im going to accomplish this. So i brought the house into UDK and used some assets already in the content browser to sort of brainstorm with the lighting etc.

So crits so far? I know the house looks alot smaller than the one in the concept, it was not meant to be this way but im pretty content with it now. Also try to keep the crits on the house very low. I had an extremely bitchy fit while getting the light mapped channel and the uvs fixed and i really don't want to go through it again, but i know what i did wrong and it wont happen again in future projects.

So i guess ill be updating this? Hopefully itll keep me working, as when i post WIPs i usually lose interest in the project ALOT quicker than i do when working privately on it.


  • Will Faucher
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    Will Faucher polycounter lvl 9
    The house is missing the front... roof thing. I can't remember what it is in english. What I mean is, the house isn't complete. The front just seems empty. The roof could be a little higher poly, you could model the roof tiles and keep the handpainted look, it would just break up the flatness. The surroundings seem empty too. I would suggest you block out everything first, (brick wall, tree, rocks, lamp post, etc), then move on to modelling and texturing.

    Otherwise, it's a pretty good start!
  • MainManiac
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    MainManiac polycounter lvl 8
    Well i couldnt save it because i kept getting the chain error, so i just kept it open and it finally crashed. So ill re-import everything and get it all setup and start doing that.

    Im new to UDK, so would you know how to get that yellow/greenish haze deep forrest look kinda like fog thats in the background?
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