Need help with online portfolio!

Hi everybody! I have been modeling ,texturing,animating,for a proprietary 3D engine doing large real time interactive projects in aerospace and defense (think Boeing,Cessna etc). I got the job right out of school 6 years ago and suddenly find myself in the job market for the first time really. I would like to get into gaming or film but the work on my site will not get me one!

I know my work is going to get reamed and I am prepared :poly127:! It will be for a good cause!

I don't have any 2d works up,but could add some life-drawings I did in school.

One of my weaknesses is concepting. Is there somewhere out there where one can find concepts others have done to model from? I have searched in the past but I seem to find used concepts from games and such. I see lots of constructive crit and am ready for some myself! I thank you in advance for my flogging.:)


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