Need help with online portfolio!

Hi everybody! I have been modeling ,texturing,animating,for a proprietary 3D engine doing large real time interactive projects in aerospace and defense (think Boeing,Cessna etc). I got the job right out of school 6 years ago and suddenly find myself in the job market for the first time really. I would like to get into gaming or film but the work on my site will not get me one!

I know my work is going to get reamed and I am prepared :poly127:! It will be for a good cause!

I don't have any 2d works up,but could add some life-drawings I did in school.

One of my weaknesses is concepting. Is there somewhere out there where one can find concepts others have done to model from? I have searched in the past but I seem to find used concepts from games and such. I see lots of constructive crit and am ready for some myself! I thank you in advance for my flogging.:)


  • Brock_W
    for concepts, warhammer stuff is good for idea:

    however a lot of people use these.
  • ivanushka
    You have great technical eye for cars, planes, and vehicles in general I would image. You would make a good hard-surface modeler. Your weaknesses, to me, seem to be character anatomy and texturing. Focus on something in particular, become really great at that, then expand to other avenues! Hope this helps.
  • Moosey_G
    Brock_W wrote: »
    for concepts, warhammer stuff is good for idea:

    however a lot of people use these.

    Yes, they have a lot of great stuff! My first normal map project was an ork axe.
  • Mark Dygert
    Off to a good start!

    Personally I would drop the splash page, and combine the galleries into one High Poly modeling category. Then work on cranking out some low poly normal mapped objects that are game res.
  • tda
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    tda polycounter lvl 12
    I agree with vig and ivan here, the realtime planes are good stuff but you need to strengthen the game res normalmapped content if you're after a job in games. Judging by what's on display i'd also guess that texturing is your weakest point right now, so maybe work on a few normalmapped assets and pimp out the textures as best you can. Good luck with the job hunt dude!
  • N0TM3
    Thanks for the feedback everyone it is very helpful. As much as I would like to be a character artist I need work sooner than I could get up to snuff for that. The female on my site is my first attempt and is actually a bit further along than it shows on my site. I can make all kinds of props I think,but do need practice and insight on texturing.

    I have been working on this retro/alternate ww2 fighter that is getting dirtied up, but it seems I can't post attachments yet so critiques will have to wait. I guess it's off to see some Warhammer stuff for texturing and normal mapping. Hopefully folks here can help me get something worth showing prospective employers. I'm excited.
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