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So I'm more of an animator than a modeler or texture artist, and I'm hoping to have time to do custom animations for my items, but we'll see. Anyway, let's get started.


Theme: Tools of his trade.

Screwdriver. Melee. I want to poke people in the eye.


Drill Pistol. Think of it as a modified 1950's power drill. I have a little more to add to the model before it's texture ready.


Graduation Hat. Guy has 11 MIT degrees. He's bound to have a graduation hat lying around somewhere. I played around with replacing the tassle with a nail to make it more engineer-y. The string really brings up the polycount, so I might change it.


Diploma. Melee Weapon #2. Just something fun to go with the graduation hat. Like hitting somebody over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

No pic yet.

I also had an idea for a teleporter replacement that creates portals, (Don't worry, it wasn't a gun, since that's already been done.) But I figure it changes too many of the mechanics of the teleporter anyway, and the idea has already kinda sorta been done. Might do it if I speed through everything else.

Critiques are of course welcome and encouraged, because I know my stuff is going to be rather quick and simple, and I'd like some ideas to make them a tad less so. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do the character animations (Find the proper rig, extract, etc.) in time to actually do them before the contests end. I've been kinda rushed lately, so wish me luck!


  • Wolvenlight
    Reserving this space to reserve the top space for the finished project and move what's in the first post here.
  • Wolvenlight
    Updates! I have everything colored, and a few things textured. I'm starting to wonder if there would be any better color schemes for some of these. If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

    First off the Blueprint, wrapped in a diploma. Half this idea goes to a friend of mine while I was brainstorming what use the first half of the idea would do if I gave it stats. I decided to go with them both. So thanks Melanie! I like how the model turned out but the white lines on the blueprint look awful. I'm also wondering if I should get rid of the green and replace it with another color.


    Next up, the screwdriver. Non texture related, I'll be adding more edges to smooth it out a bit, since the back view looks really block to me and I have the faces to spare. Also, parts in the viewport are yellow where they aren't supposed to be, so don't mind them.


    Now, the completed model and color scheme of the drill gun. Although I'm having trouble picking out a good bronze color. This color scheme is probably the one I'm most unsatisfied with. Maybe when I start it's textures it'll start to look better.


    Lastly, the Graduation Cap. It's textured, but honestly to me it doesn't seem to stick out that much, so I'll probably go back in and add some more detail, or make the detail that's there stand out more.


    So now I'm going to try to speed through finalizing these as fast as possible so I still have time to do the first person and third person animations. I still need to learn how to put them in the game.
  • Khthon
    Nice ideas. Simple but cohesive.
  • Dr. Waldo Fehr
    I believe you can only submit one of each slot, not sure though. Check the rules.

    Nice drill however, very original!
  • Buck
    Make the hat look little less perfect, maybe a corner bent down or something :)
  • The Scrub
    maybe a corner bent up and a bullet hole through it :D
  • Wolvenlight
    Thanks for the feedback everyone, and for the tips Buck and The Scrub! Also to Waldo, thanks for the warning. I've checked, and I think it should be okay, but if not, I'll just go with the screwdriver.

    The hat being too perfect and stable looking was a good catch, looks much better even slightly disorientated. I might add a chipped off part where a bullet hit, but I wasted so much time trying to learn how to get these things in the actual game to show them off that I don't have much time anymore, and never actually succeeded with my original goal of getting things in the game. Got a lot of error messages with CannonFodders extracting tool. Probably just me being a dunce. Oh well, I learned.


    I've resorted to rendering them out on the engineer I downloaded from somewhere in 3DS Max to show off the results of my work. Not too bad of a result.

    Feedback and criticism still welcome. Even as I rush to get everything nice and good looking, I still would like tips on improvement. I'm not stopping just because the contest ends.
  • Khthon
    Maybe position the hat slightly askew?
  • Thomas Truong
    I'm liking the hat.
    I would add some more edge loops in the tassle though, at least in the segment hanging off, so if it were to be animated with jigglebones, it would flow realistically.
  • Sukotto
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    Sukotto polycounter lvl 8
    I'd say remove the bent corner and tilt the hat to the side or something just for some ironic humor
  • Wolvenlight
    Thanks for the advice on the hat, made it tilted and made the bent corner not as prominent. And added some more edge loops, hopefully I'll be able learn how to add the jiggle bones by tomorrow.

    Quick image dump before I head to work. I'm trying to decide whether or not the items look like they'd exist in the same "universe" or "style" as the engineer. IE: Do they look TF2?




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