UV sets between Maya and Max, helpppp :\

Alright so, I'm working on a character and made kind of a stupid mistake....I have a version in Max that is setup for diffuse, and a version in Maya that is setup for a normal map. Each version has a separate UV set layout and the normal map is already perfectly baked and is being used

However, I'm realizing that I can't just simple copy the UV set off of the imported .OBJ and paste it in either program. Nothing on the model has changed except the UV sets and being exported/imported

Am I going to have to redo the UV's? or is there a way to load the UV's of either version onto the other? :\



  • greuh
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    FBX is your friend. forget carrying over data between the 2 software with OBJ
    just don't forget to rename the uvSet after importing into Maya, as they will be named UVCHANNEL_1, _2 etc... instead of map1....
    although I am not sure about what you are trying to do, but FBX support multiple uvset across the 2 software. I don't see how you can't get a version with both UVset in either of the software and use a render to texture or transfer map to convert the UVs.
  • [SF]Three9
    well, no, the problem isn't that I have 2 UV channels in Max or 2 UV channels in Maya, the problem is I have 1 UV channel in Max, another in Maya, and I need both UV sets on one model
  • cryrid
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    It would probably be easier to transfer the diffuse to the new UVs than to change anything with the normals if they're already looking the way you want. If Maya doesn't have a tool that lets you transfer information and textures between different models, you should be able to use a tool like xnormal. Objs should even work in this case. Just use the maya/normal map version as the low, and the textured max version as the high; this should give you a new diffuse texture that matches the UVs your normal map is using.

    Edit: Whups, looks like you posted before I did. Do you need both sets on one model, or do you just need the textures to use the same UV set?
  • Mark Dygert
    Bring in the model with the diffuse, and use transfer maps to project the diffuse onto the new (normal map) UV layout.
    Or use 3dsmax's Render To Texture and projection to do the same thing. As long as the models share the same space it's a snap.

    EDIT: Watch out for Global Super Sampling and anti alias settings they can make a mess out of your diffuse by trying to blur it.
    This covers doing it in 3dsmax:

    You don't want to transfer your normal map to your diffuse model, because the orientation of the pieces could be changed making your normal map extremely incorrect. Each piece is dependent on the orientation to the textures orientation.
  • [SF]Three9
  • [SF]Three9
    Cryrid, I need both sets on 1 model is the issue :(...the diffuse and normal maps have separate UV layouts
  • [SF]Three9
    Vig I really apprecaite your advice and your link, but that is unfortunately not my issue. While what you said is very helpful in a different case, my issue is I have two separate layouts that I need on 1 model, not two textures on different layouts needing to be on 1 layout, does that make sense?
  • cryrid
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    Softimage has a tool called GATOR which easily transfers UV sets between meshes (even easier when the models are identical). I imagine Max or Maya would have something similar, but if not you could probably just run it through Modtool or something.
  • [SF]Three9
    well autodesk did release their software for free to students...off to download Softimage then! :P

    ugh, hour wait on softimage, trying to find the Modtool you suggested
  • cryrid
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    Wait now, found this in an old thread:

    You can use the projection modifier to transfer UV's.

    Just add a projection modifier to the object that has the correct UV's,
    pick the target object,
    go down to the projection rollout and click 'Add' for 'Project Mapping'.
    Change the necessary settings
    and click 'Project'.

    I don't know what all versions have this, though. I use Max 2008.
  • Eric Chadwick
    The diffuse needs to have a separate UV layout from the normal map? Like maybe you're tiling one but not the other?
  • [SF]Three9
    cryrid that method alllllllllllmost works....I'm getting wierd lines in the new UV set, not sure why...going to keep messing around with this
  • r_fletch_r
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    why on earth do you want to maintain 2 uv channels? why not use 1 layout for both models. converting maps from 1 to another is possible and it reduced the complexity of what you are trying to do.

    Anywho! You can Copy and Paste UV's in max just fine, providing you haven't changed your vertex indexes. Import the OBJ(as an editable poly in the import options). go to utilities, more, channel Info,

    click the new 'channel info' button.
    Select the source object
    select the channel with ID "1:map"
    press copy.
    select the target object
    click add.
    select the new channel
    press paste.

    You object now has 2 mapping channels 1: the orginal 2: the channel from the imported object.

    now set the map channel of the bitmap you want to use the second uv set to 2

    I can do a more in depth tutorial if you need it but Its not too complex so give it a go
  • [SF]Three9
    sorry for all the trouble guys :\

    @r_fletch_r I thought that was how it was suppose to be done, guess I read some bad information then; the internet is full of bad information anyway :\

    alright so, I got through everything you said just fine until the paste step, that doesn't it never becomes a valid button to click
  • r_fletch_r
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    be doubly sure that you imported as editable poly, that is if your model in max is an ediable poly.

    you've selected the channel to paste to right? if you have and its not allowing you to paste then the models are structurally different.

    if this is indeed the case then you could try neil blevils uvTranfer script. overlay both models and it will transfer based on vertex position. I dont remember if it lets you say which channel to inject the uvs to so you may need to do some copy/pasteing to get it all how you want it.

  • EarthQuake
    you can also bring in the obj from max, and use "transfer attributes" to copy the 2nd uv map to a new map on the other mesh.
  • [SF]Three9
    well, Earthquake your suggestion is working about 95% just like everything else suggested...I don't know whats going on and why it's doing this, but it's clear I did something wrong and having 2 UV layouts is apparently a bad idea, so I'm just going to redo it
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