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After hearing about this contest last week, it occurred to me in the shower what I'd like to create for it. The theme is centered around the fez-wearing secret agent characters you sometimes see in spy movies. Admittedly, I was totally watching Austin Powers this weekend.

I'm also working on a North African/Turkish styled knife and a new revolver. I think the theme fits for the Spy, as it's fairly grounded in popular culture and the region has a French cultural tie-in through colonization and the Spy may have done some traveling. I haven't started the gun yet, but work in progress art is forthcoming asap. Been busy moving to a new apartment, so my schedule for free time is a little off.

Edited for new stuff.




I want to get these working in-game as soon as possible, to test them out with animations, etc. I'm currently messing around with glossiness/translucency and looking into some alpha sorting issues. I'll worry about hi-poly and textures after the designs are finalized.

Also, real tassle jigglebone physics.




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