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MattQ86 polycounter lvl 10
Class: Spy
Theme: Anonymity

El Euro

Look, I'm not saying the spy is El Euro or even that El Euro is the Spy. All I'm saying is that both men have careers based on secret identities and El Euro has been disqualified from over 60 matches due to knife-related incidents.


Mute Roscoe

Sometimes silence is key to getting away with your crimes, like when you're stuck in a cramped elevator after a heavy bacon-streak dinner. Nothing says anonymity like not saying anything at all and the last thing any operative needs is a blabbermouth gun giving away his location.


The Gentlemen's Jarker

Sometimes the best way to cover your tracks is exploding any evidence of your presence and anything nearby. Point away from face and begin mechanism to use. For children 8 and up.



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