TF2 - Polypack - crazy-g

Class: Demoman
Theme: WAR! Reparations


Well, seeing as there are more than a few threads with actual models and textures, I figured I would get some concept art going :)

I am attempting to create items for the Demoman with the theme "WAR Reparations!" Since the Demo lost the war to the Solider he has had a chip on his shoulder, and I suppose that is reason (or flimsy pretext) enough for him to want to get weapons similar to what the solider received previously.

1. Primary weapon since the demoman currently only has one, yet the soldier got his own alternate primary! (concept is below).

2. Secondary boots that have some kind of effect, like the gunboats, and would sub for the targe

3. A misc medal since the solider got a secret medal limited to a certain number of players.

The profile is meant to look like a cannon, but it is a two barrel breach-loaded grenade launcher


Need to finish up the concept on the other two


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