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The theme of the series of weapons has changed along with a lot of my designs, but it's still the Medic. The theme is frankenweapons, to an extent. What that means is this: the Medic needed new stuff, so he started cobbling weapons together out of the other guys weapons to make some brand new toys.

Replacement for the Syringe Gun: The Hypogun

Slower and more powerful than the Syringe Gun, the Medic took apart his own Blutsauger and combined it with scrap metal from some of the other weapons. Its firing rate is still similar to the shotgun, as well as the amount of ammunition it carries.

Replacement for the UberSaw: ShivSaw

For some strange reason, the Medic thought it would be a good idea to widen and flatten out the Sniper's Tribalman's Shiv and attach a syringe or two to it. For medical research purposes, of course. Deals less damage than the Ubersaw or Bonesaw, but does a slightly weaker version of the wounding capabilities of the Shiv.

Replacement for the KritzKreig: Bonktoberfest

The Medic decided to use the hyperactive qualities of the Scout's favorite drink for the purposes of the rest of the team. When Ubered, the recipient acts under many of the same influences as the BONK Energy Drink.

Hey there! Jes is my name and playin' the medic is (usually) my game. Found my way over here via the TF2 site announcement and decided that the medic needed some love for some updates. Taking into the idea of the variant on the original weapons, I think that the doc's been experimenting inbetween the healing and thinks he wants to do more hurting, ja? With that in mind, I have three new weapons for him: a hypodermic shotgun, a chainsaw bonesaw, and a new variant on the medigun that I'll simply name the Bonktoberfest for now. sketches to come as I churn them out.


  • CasketStudios
    I apologize for the quality of the photo - I'm currently lacking a scanner, so I will upload a better quality when I can in a few weeks. I'm also reworking this in digital format, so those will follow soon too. (the first post will have the digital versions plus the renders).

    In game, the Hypodermic Shotgun (or Hypogun) operates similarly to a regular shotgun in ammunition (6 shots can be fired before it has to be reloaded, 32 ammunition carried). At this point, I'm thinking the damage will be somewhere around 30-60. Much more than the Syringe Gun or the Blutsauger, but still weaker because, after all, he's using needles. (although....they are pretty freaking big ones....)

    Storyline goes as this: After the Scout ran past him for the 100th time with their Intel, the Medic had enough of it. He was sick and tired of firing round after round at the fast little bugger and not seeing anything come of it. When the match was over and both teams retreated to the depths of their bases, Medic cornered Engineer and vented his frustration of not being able to keep up with....and run over....those annoying Scouts. After a few hours of furious sketching and tinkering, this is what the Engineer came up with:



    The Engineer, seeing the look the Medic gets when considering the possibility of another surgery on a teammate, said "Come back in a few days, and I should have something more."
  • CasketStudios
    Here is a render in process of the Hypogun. I ditched the idea of using the shotgun animation for it, deciding instead to go with the idea of reusing the default animations for the Medic guns. Still might make the shotgun version of it at some point.
  • Snowloss
    Bit tough to call right now, but keep at it!
  • CasketStudios

    Here is an updated version. I probably should resize it, but it's much easier to see the dimensions of the gun now that I've put some quick lamberts on it...

    The second number is how many tris I've got on the gun so far. 8000 is a high count, but I'm guessing that's for the bigger the heavy's.
  • Karkasmolenklok
    is that handle really tiny or is that trigger really wide?
  • Khthon
    Is that a glass window in the barrel? Seeing mechanisms/needles through it?
  • CasketStudios
    is that handle really tiny or is that trigger really wide?

    The trigger is wide, I tried to make it the same proportions as his guns in the game. I can see right now that I might need to mess with it in order to get the proportions right...this gun (ideally) is supposed to be stronger than the other two, so, by all rights, it should be bigger, right?

    And Khthon - ideally, yes, I would love to do it like that. However, noob that I am, I haven't covered being able to do that yet. I might stick to the rough hewn-ness that is the blutsauger's paintjob in style.
  • CasketStudios
    In true procrastinator fashion, I've been working on this rather slowly up until this point. I fixed the handle issue I had with the Hypogun, and I've created the other two weapons (and I'm finishing the last one today.) Texturing is going to happen over the weekend, I guess. I wish I knew more bout being able to get my hands on the in-game models, that would help a hell of a lot with these.

    This is the one I'm currently working on, The BONKtoberfest. It replaces the Kritzkrieg and was a really seriously beaten up Medigun that the Medic decided to use with a case of Scout's BONK drink.

    The other one at this point is dubbed "Ze Claaaw" because I'm having a hard time coming up with much else. Tribalman's Shiv + Scrap Metal + Ubersaw handle = jury-rigged disaster.
  • CasketStudios
    Oh god, where did the time go? I'm proud of what I've gotten done (since this is my first real big modeling attempt) and how some of the texturing worked out on the final versions. Definitely would look better if I had everything modeled a week ago and spent this whole time doing textures.

    The replacement for the Ubersaw is now dubbed Lockjaw. Cuz it looks like it could give you tetnis when you get hit by it.

    The Bonktoberfest got only one can of Critz-a-cola because of 1) Critz-a-Cola effects are similar to Kritz's Uber, and 2) Putting more cans would have pushed me over the poly limit.

    I definitely learned a lot from doing this whole procedure. Will post some better-lighting pics after I calm down a little bit.

    Oh yeah: the official title of this theme is the Weapon Donor pack. Because we needed to find something to do with the 5000 extra weapons mucking around the base.
  • CasketStudios
    Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy. Here's the images for finished items: 4743362838_e74b058291_b.jpg4742725121_25ba850c04_b.jpg4742724839_f44e232f17_b.jpg
  • ShadowBrain
    The textures look kindof blurry...
    And if you haven't submitted them yet you're probably too late now...
  • Buck
    Compatition is over now, and you could use more work on them textures.
  • CasketStudios
    I submitted them. I just didn't post these final jpegs on the thread until today. I got the whole mess in a few hours before deadline.....and I am definitely thinking about going back and reworking the textures. I didn't get a lot of time to work with 'em.
  • Buck
    Can definitely see that, you did a good job on the models though! Might make a video tutorial on how to make TF2 style textures with a mouse when i get some time, that would really help people just starting ( i know it would have helped me)
  • RossC
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    RossC polycounter lvl 9
    Yeah, the models are good, its just the textures that don't fit that well. I think it's a combination of the color schemes not working well and just the syle not fitting. I'm not the best at texturing but I basically learned how to make the textures for my weapons fit the TF2 theme by extracting some of the original weapon textures and observing how TF2 works with different materials.

    Alot of your weapons looking really noisy. The TF2 texturing style is clean and simplistic, even if the objects are "dirty" or "messy". The ubersaw is a fine example, it's rusted but the rust isn't conveyed with a noisy texture, it's conveyed with large brush strokes. Try cleaning up your textures first with base colors (I would say maybe make them a bit brighter because weapons that are too dark look off in Team Fortress 2) and then go over them with large brush strokes of another color.
  • Ikimono
    Entire body. Tape, wire, and bolts removed. Grips added to handles.

    Handle and trigger.

    I'm in your thread, noticing slightly changed original Valve models.
  • CasketStudios
    the fact that they look anywhere near the originals is actually not bad for me. (I can't find my way around the Steam files for anything, so there's no chance of me even coming across the original files...)

    Buck, I would be eternally in your debt if you did. :poly136:
  • RossC
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    Ikimono wrote: »
    I'm in your thread, noticing slightly changed original Valve models.

    I think he modeled some parts himself, but yeah, there are parts of the weapons that are clearly from the original models.

    There were quite a few other entries that borrowed from Valve's original models too though, alas, not as heavily as these entries. I really don't think he should be condemned for it.
  • Sukotto
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    Well the Bonktoberfest just looks like the default medigun with a Bonk can taped on and a grip on the handle. Even though he modeled it himself it still doesn't have a very original silhouette
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