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Okay so I've changed gears. Thinking the SpyCrab is a bit of a novelty and not really fitting his character I've decided to go with a different class and theme.

I'm going to do a Chef Pyro with a hat and two melee items and perhaps a primary replacement and misc item.

Hat - The Sous Chef: 2ypnk10.jpg

Melee - Rolling Pin: 10mtztj.jpg

Primary Homemaker: 30sdna8.jpg

I'm also considering doing an Apron for a secondary slot or perhaps the Misc slot.
Another thought is to do a wide angle flamethrower based off a gas stove and some other kitchen related nonsense. My thoughts are it might make spy checking easier or fighting a group of enemies.

I figure the melee weapons could have different health related effects either healing the pyro with each strike or buffing his/her max health.


Old idea of doing a crab themed kit for the spy. While I might continue working on this idea it isn't my main submission anymore.
If I finish with the Pyro gear early I might return to this later. Until then enjoy this slightly darker text.

I'm creating something I'm surprised the spy doesn't already have, a Spy Crab kit.

I'm replacing the Melee weapon with a Crab Claw, adding a new Eye Stalk Hat, and Crab Walking Spy Watch.

Since there are both red and blue crabs in nature the TF2 color palette works nicely.

I'll post more as I make progress on the idea.


  • Zai
    Actually sounds quite nice, though I'm unsure what you mean by "Crab Walking Spy Watch."

    Since the Spy's weapon is his Knife, make the Claw quite sharp so it makes sense for it to be used to backstab.

    Any concept art that you have for these?
  • ShaunGreiner
    By Crab Walking Spy Watch I was thinking what if there was a cloaking watch that only worked while the player was crouching. Keeps the spy moving slow and shouldn't unbalance him. Kind of a weird mechanic I know. I'm thinking of doing a variation on the sapper as well in case valve doesn't like the idea. A barnacle, going with the nautical theme, it stops engineer buildings from working while attached, but doesn't do any damage and is harder to remove.

    I'm thinking the Crab Claw would have a sharp end and be mechanized instead of an organic looking claw, perhaps giving a higher crit rate to stabs while removing the use of his pistol. The claw will have a thrust and close animation to it.

    I think I'd be safer covering each of his items in case Valve didn't like some of them as there is no maximum limit.

    As far as artwork I don't have any at the moment, but I will post some of the worth while sketches and early models as I go.
  • ShaunGreiner
    Change of plans I'm doing a Pyro set first. Info in the original post.
  • Psyke
    nice, just gotta make a better pyro chef set than the other 3 people doing it.
  • ShaunGreiner
    Yeah I hadn't really scoured the board to see if anybody else were doing the same theme. Might try doing a different twist on it, but really I'm competing with EVERY Pyro submission when it comes down to it. They aren't going to give a bunch to a single class. Probably still work on the Spy Crab just because I hadn't seem anyone else with that idea and the Spy is an under done class.
  • ShaunGreiner
    Added a spin video of my untextured Homemaker Flamethrower made from kitchen parts.
  • ShaunGreiner
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