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Congratulations to the 5 winners. I hope Valve utilize the other packs that didn't win but were also top quality.

I also hope Valve make good use of mine but that's doubtful :<. I want to share the idea behind the bat now that the contest is over since it doesn't matter now.

My idea is that I wanted to make the Scout a kind of support class. When the player hits an enemy from behind the idea was that they would fall over and be stunned for say...2 seconds...and then would get up again. This would allow other players to attack the stunned player and hopefully score a kill.

To stop the Scout from continually hitting the stunned player the Scout would also be unable to attack for another 2 seconds so that he can't just "Stun, hit hit hit hit hit Kill". He would still be able to whack normally but if the player runs behind someone and manages to hit their back "hitbox" then the scout would yell "Whomp".

In a way this would make him a hybrid of the Spy and Medic since he'd have to hit from behind and stunning them "aids" the other players.

Still I hope someone finds that interesting.


Theme – Keystone Kops – Habboi “William T. Nicholls”

Scouts grandfather, Charlie Conklin, was a member of the Lockstone Kops, a team of Boston cops who fought against bad guys in 1913. He has recently passed away and has appeared to Scout in vivid dreams giving him ideas on how to defeat his opponents. In his latest dream Scout has been told where to find his grandfather’s old uniform and weapons which have been stored in a trunk in his mother’s attic. These items when worn will give the Scout protection and enhanced ability to fight his foes.

Lockstone Kop Hat – This will protect his head and carries the Lockstone Kop logo which is very similar to the Scouts icon.
Ebony Baton – This is made of hard, shiny ebony wood and is ideal for inflicting powerful blows at fast speeds.
Mean Bean Coffee Cup – When Scout drinks this it temporarily gives him a faster running speed. Scouts Motto: "Too. Much. Caffeine."
Lockstone Kop Whistle – If Scout is in danger then he can blow the whistle and summon the ghost of his grandfather to help him scare his opponents.




Hello everyone,

I've been meaning to join this site for a while but life got in the way and this competition is exactly the push I needed.

Right, onto business.

I only just found out about this contest today and this is a great opportunity to practice my modelling and challenge my ability.

Now for my idea I have chosen to do Scout. It is difficult to come up with a theme that suits a particular class so I am quite pleased with what I have chosen although I need feedback to make sure it's alright as it's a little more modern than the time period that TF2 is set in, around 1990.

The theme is...Keystone Kops. I've changed it from British Policeman to American Keystone Kops.

Update 01



Update 02

*edit* Yeah these stories can't be used now so it would be nice if people could help come up with names for the items or a story.

Items are:

1. Police Club (Melee)
2. Police Hat / Mustouche (Hat)
3. Coffee Cup (Atomic Drink)
4. Badge (Misc)

I understand that the Scout doesn't quite fit with the theme of British Policeman however I believe that with a background story that might change.

I have two ideas and they are:

1. Scout took a break from fighting and went on a vacation to Britain. As he was walking through London he spotted an old lady being robbed of her purse. The Scout without thinking used his trusty baseball bat and whacked his baseball with all of his might. The ball flew at a fast rate and striked the robber hard on the head.

The Scout was given praise by the police and was invited back to their building for a cup of tea and was rewarded with a special civilian police hat and club.

2. While casually walking down a street the Scout passed a baseball pitch when a pitcher yelled at him to come over and help them out. Thinking they wanted him to bat he was extremely surprised to discover their mascot was missing and that they wanted the Scout to put on their British Policeman mascot costume and cheer. After the game the team said he was the best mascot they ever had and allowed him to keep the costume as a memento.

Update 03

I've just discovered there is an American alternative to British Policemen called Keystone Kops. I'm basing my designs on that now. It looks the same really.

Update 04


Club thingy done for tonight. I'll look at it in-game tommorow.


Update 05

Got it in-game and in a hand so that I can make sure it looks alright. It does now. This version had a normal map with a noise filter applied which didn't suit the style of the game as most weapons are smooth so I removed it and the result can be seen in update 06.


Update 06


Edited the VMT settings, resized the mesh and tidied it all up. Overall I'm happy with this look and believe me when I say it got me 300 kills on a server I was playing on a few minutes ago. Can't wait to see how it looks with the other stuff.

In case you're wondering I decided to aim for a plastic look as we already have a metal and wooden bat so I thought a plastic one, like a toy, would suit the game.

Update 07


I got the hat modelled, UV'd and put into the game today. I'm not 100% happy with the colour and you can see I based it off the picture at the bottom. I believe it suits a black suit but not the Scouts red / blue shirt so I'll mess around with it. I don't want to keep using black and I don't think a team colour can work with hats? Oh yeah and I'm also going to add a badge to make it more interesting.


I need names for my stuff. Here are some ideas I've chucked out:

Police Club

1. The Bonker
2. Boston Bonker (Turns out there's already a weapon called The Boston Basher which makes me sad :<)
3. Bonking Bronko

Coffee Drink (It is interesting to note the wiki says his motto is "Too. Much. Caffeine." Might also look at Starbucks for ideas.

1. Mean Bean Juice
2. Crazy Leg Coffee (based on glitch that was fixed a while back)
3. Crazy Caffeine
4. Caffeine Rush

Police Hat

No Names Yet


No Names Yet

Update 08


Update 09


Fixed up texture, resized star, added chin strap. All that is left is to add mustouche and then I can move on to the coffee. Yes I've switched from tea to coffee as the Scouts motto is literally "Too. Much. Caffeine." Now that's a handy coincidence.

Update 10


It'll do for now. I might touch up on it by adding scratches and hard metal edges but I want to move on to the coffee since I unlocked the Atomic Bonk last night.

Also I am going to make a black neutral version just to show Valve they can choose. Finally the club, I changed it to be more grey with a slight tint of blue as suggested in this thread but I didn't like it. I think I'll go nearer to black but not full black. I also might bake an AO into it if the black justifies it otherwise it'll remain as a 2x2 light black diffuse.

I look forward to making the coffee.

Update 11

Today I came up with a much better idea to explain how the Scout obtains these items.

Basically the Scout had a dream about his great grandfather telling him to seek his old police uniform that's hidden in the attic of the Scouts house. He wakes up and basically finds a hidden drawer where he dons the uniform and obtains new skills that aid him in his war.

P.S. Turns out I've been spelling "Moustache" wrong. Silly me. But hey! I like to see you spell diarrhea.

Update 12

So I've worked on hat some more, added inset to star plus AO, made moustache more hair-like and started testing the coffee idea and have hit a snag. Seems the world model and view model share the same file but for some reason their origins are not the same as you can see below:


Finally here's a silly pic I took while playing:


Update 13

I thought some people might be interested in my decisions so here's a pic. PLEASE NOTE THE IDEA OF THE TOY BATON IS NO LONGER ACCURATE.


Update 14

I've changed my plans quite a bit. I've decided NOT to do a badge. I wanted to but I liked my idea of a whistle so much that I went with that. The reason I can't do a badge is because I've left myself with no more slots.

1. Baton is melee.
2. Police Hat is Hat.
3. Coffee is secondary.
4. Whistle is misc.

So where can badge go...It was going to be misc and I was gonna combine the whistle with it but I think Valve would consider that two items so oh well. I think it's a little overkill anyway and the Scout looks complete with his hat, bat and whistle.



With that I'm done. I'm gonna work on the textures some more for the hat but yeah...All done :O Maybe the first? D


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