WB opening Montreal studio

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saw this on IGN last night, sounds pretty awesome:

"March 22, 2010 - Warner Bros. is looking to build off the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum as it plans to release more DC Comics videogames.

The company announced the opening of a brand new game development studio in Montreal, Quebec today. The studio hopes to grow to around 300 employees by 2015, and will house "high-end interactive gaming product development" as well as animation, QA, and game translation.

"We are proud that Warner Bros. has chosen Quebec. We have done a lot of work to position Quebec as an essential place to invest that is competitive, and possesses an exceptional and highly qualified workforce. Warner Bros. has acknowledged this and we are very excited to welcome them", stated Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

While no game titles were announced during the press conference, Canadian website GameFocus was able to confirm with the President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Martin Tremblay, that the studio will focus on creating DC Comics licensed videogame titles.

Last fall, Warner Bros. announced a sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum was in development by London-based RockSteady Studios. The publisher would purchase a majority of the studio months later."


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