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[Flying mouse] Window 7 - VS - Firefox

polycounter lvl 14
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sama.van polycounter lvl 14
This morning my mouse did a 5 meters jump (and I helped for it) because explorer.exe crashed for the 15th time since 2h...

Then I did some research on Google and I found that :


It seems to have a conflict with Firefox 3.5 and it will randomly crash explorer.exe on window 7.

They also added this is same effect once Firefox is close, it only needs to be installed.

This shit also happened when I RMB on the desktop... It really make me crazy sometime... often... every time I go on my desktop =_=...

Anyway, waiting for your feedback about your version of Firefox and crash of window explorer from window 7-64.

I will try the version 3.6 of firefox but seems to be a beta version...


PS : Mouse is fine....


  • glib
    Why not just turn off private browsing in the preferences like that mozilla support post you linked to suggests?

    I'm running 3.5.6 on windows 7 x64 with no problems, but I haven't had private browsing enabled. I would also suggest updating to 3.5.6 if you're using 3.5.3 like the linked post. This bug may have been closed in one of those incremental updates.
  • renderhjs
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    renderhjs sublime tool
    why not try out either Opera or Chrome (or heck even Safari if it its available without the itunes update crap). I have tried basically any browser in the past because I always need the latest kick, something that is more speedy, smarter when it comes to shortcuts or simply comes with lots of powertools, and because I enjoy educating myself with new tools all the time.
    I never was a fan of Firefox because to me it was always a bloated and media instrumentalized product (just like religion people believe in it instead of actually make their own picture and try others as well).
    Its by far the slowest browser these days (startup, opening/ closing tabs, accessing address bar, starting and ending downloads,...).

    Take for example Opera who released yesterday I believe a new beta that is by
    • far the best integrated non MS browser for Win7.
      Opera is a real power horse, if you you need professional tools to list download links, filter pages with custom CSS lots of productive and exclusive shortcuts to very powerful tools opera is your tool. I use this if I need to research extensive and deep content (image or text likewise).
    • Or Google Chrome which is so snappy and simple and a pure joy to use just because of that. And with their latest developer build you can install extensions on the fly, so maybe give it a try
      Chrome is my main browser because its minimalistic and fits on my Netbook as well booth visually and performance.
  • pior
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    pior godlike master sticky
    Yup I got tired of Firefox too. Chrome is so simple and fast it's not even a question anymore. AND yeah it supports Unity :P
  • sama.van
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    sama.van polycounter lvl 14
    I didn't unity and Quest 3D worked on this browser.
    Also there are lot of interesting plugging under Firefox!
    And to turn off the private thing is not interesting... lol

    But this thread is mainly for people like me with windows explorer crashing under Window 7 and trying to understand why!
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