(WIP) District 9 - Prawn

Haven't posted here in forever, been busy with several things, mainly my major (wooo got passed the first semester of Visual Language at UCF!) Anyway, now that I've had some spare time over the break, I've been trying to create a Prawn player model :D. I've only seen two models ever made, both of which I'd say were really well done, however, both models were not completely accurate. So I've taken it upon myself to challenge my skill and make a Prawn as accurate as possible.

***update below***

Right now I'm doing kind of an inbetween model. I'm not focusing just on creating a low poly model (what the hell is considered low poly now-days anyway? At the rate I'm going he'll end up being about 8,000 to 9000 tris) and I'll go back and create the high poly for a normal map (might dip into Zbrush for my first time) I'm planning on going back once I'm finished and touching things up and optimizing the mesh

As said though, I'm trying to go for as best accuracy as possible, so feel free to critique :). I'm very satisfied with the mouth, I've literally spent about 20 hours (give or take) researching just the mouth alone. I've concluded that each prawn has 3 sets of mandibles, an upper and lower jaw (lower has 2 mandibles on each side), and a total of 8 tentacles (4 on the upper jaw, 4 on the lower at the center). I'm pretty sure all three sets of mandibles are just used for communication.

Interior of mouth is also done, and if you'd like to see that shot I'll get it set up, as well as any other shots. I'm still researching from the DVD for accuravy and I am constantly refining parts of the model (shoulders for example are redone). I THINK the chest might be too long or too thick? I'm really not sure, it's hard to tell without the arms and legs.

This is my first full-scale model done in Maya, and I'm a bit sad to say it, but I think I like Maya better than 3DMax :x. Regardless, please critique/comment/offer suggestions!


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