RPG Fantasy Creatures - Ravager Warrior

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Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
Hi !
This is my first post here ! I'm happy to join polycount ! :poly142:

I'm a french 19 years old guy (so excuse my poor english :shifty:) and I started lowpolygon modeling 1year and a half ago.

Here is something I did yesterday+today. Note that it's my very first handpainting texture (and it has been pretty hard for me, but diablo 3 screenshots helped me a lot : p).

This is a creature designed to be in a dark fantasy hack&slash rpg. I hope the tricount is low enough for this type of game (it will be not be truly in a game, it's just for practice ;) )


Modeling & texturing is approx 12h :/

Critics & comments welcome !
Thanks !


  • missberetta
    I like it a lot. You could do with blending the muscle shapes in a bit better. Currently they are slightly too harsh black lines. Colour some purple / greyish shadows in with a soft brush.
  • Baj Singh
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    Baj Singh polycounter lvl 8
    I agree with Missberetta, the curvature of the muscles definitely needs blending in.

    I would also dirty up the metal of the blade and the armour. Make it look worn and turn, blood splatter, dirt, etc. Right now its just too clean.
  • Baddcog
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    Baddcog polycounter lvl 9
    Yeah, he looks like 'the floor model' (ie: brand new)

    But really nice work, you got skills. Really good polyflow.

    You didn't say the TRI count and I'm not sure what Diablo is, they probably push it a bit for diablo III. But maybe not, I know the characters are small on screen. From the looks it might be slightly high for that type of game, but might be pretty close for a first person game where you get up close and want more details.
    Diablo might be around 2,000 tris per character, but Halflife might be more like 3,000+
  • Gallows
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    Gallows polycounter lvl 8
    I love the design, but I'd say a redesign on the head. It just looks odd to me.
  • ima
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    ima polycounter lvl 8
    On the bottom of the picture it says 2700 tris and it's supposed to be for a hack and slash RPG.
    I believe it's a bit on the higher side for a top down rpg, but I know it's for practice, but it's a great model nonetheless.
    Only real crit I've got really is the muscles as well I think.
  • Baddcog
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    Baddcog polycounter lvl 9
    lol, totally missed the specs, my bad.
  • dejawolf
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    dejawolf polycounter lvl 11
    the muscle definition is looking like total ass.
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
    Hi ! :)

    Thanks for answers :poly121:

    I tried to take care of them :)
    I reduced the tricount to 2000 tris without loosing too much details, added a lightpass on muscles and tryed to blend the blacks line a little bit more, it's still not really good but anyway I think I'm done with it.
    Oh, I also added some details like a little forarm metal plate, a dirt pass on every metal parts, some blood and tweaked the head/teeth.
    Time to move on something else, here is the pic.


    I really need to work on muscle and pre-lighting but I'm pretty happy with the result ^^

    Thanks guys for help :)
    See you soon :poly121:
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
    Hi. I've done some new stuff :)


    Critics welcome ;)
    Bye !
  • woogity
    hey Cremuss hows it going?
    its clear you have been working hard on getting a folio together. a point of concern for me is that your first model in this thread has much smarter work in it. the uv layout in the ravager character is much cleaner and more wisely used than in the latest. there is no reason that i can see that you shouldnt mirror the uvs from one half of the model to the other. easy ways to do this, delete half the model then mirror it. this would give you twice the useable uv space. also on the wolf-like beast all the quills have the same texture just different scales, you only need to have it in your uv map once.

    in many cases its more useful to work for a long time to make one solid asset and learn from the experience than to pump out lots in a short period of time.

    hope the crit helps, not trying to blow the wind out of your sails you are clearly willing to work hard to improve your work. gl with updates and future projects, will be watching.

  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
    Hey :)
    Thanks for critics :poly142:

    I totally agree with you, I do not have learned during these 3 creatures as much as on my first one. It's because I want to go to fast, but I should concentrate on 1 big asset than many smalls ^^

    As for the uvs, I don't mirrored the texture because I feared about the texture seam to be too visible and I thought I could add variations and asymetry ^^
    But you'r right, I realized while making these 3 last creatures that it was totally useless xD. I'll do a mirror next time, I'll just need to take care about the seam and it should be ok :poly142:

    See you soon for the next one, I'll take care about your crit :poly124:
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