How to texture (this and others)? Also is there a book...

Hi all.

I'm trying (again) to model some sort of gun. Its something like a shotgun but smaller (single handed). I've made the model:


Its made using Blender 2.5.

It's pretty low poly, but i think the mesh is "ok enough". I'm sure there are improvements that can be done (there is something bugging me in the trigger area), however i want to leave it as is for the moment and go to the next step which is texturing it.

I'm interested in a single low-res color map. Assume this would be a weapon in Quake 2 (although it won't be for Q2 nor in MD2 format, but assume that kind of detail).

The problem is i have no idea on how to texture it. Using Blender i can create the UV layouts using LSCM unwrapping and moving the parts around to cover most of the texture area (and align them in a somwhat "natural" position so i don't have to rotate the image around). I can also use Blender's texture painting mode, but i find it too "rough" to work with (also it feels like it really needs a tablet instead of a mouse).


How would i go on creating a texture for the above gun? Initially i thought to discard the UV maps, render the gun from a single side and paint over it in GIMP. Then simply adjust the UVs to cover it but the top side will look very stretched. Although this is probably the method i'm most comfortable with because it is like drawing a 2D image.

However what else can i do? I tried searching for texturing on Google but i can't find any information on texturing anything else except characters (and while the same ideas probably apply to characters, the tutorials cover some specific characters and don't really go deep into the texturing process in the same detail as in the modelling process).

Also as a side (but related) question, is there any book i can read on texturing models?


If it helps to answer my question, here is the blend file for the gun and the same in obj with mtl file (not sure if this is required but Blender exported it so i just added it).

Another question too: is there some sort of IRC channel i can storm you with further questions? :-P


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