Zombie sculpt/University work

hey guys

so I havnt been using max for very long, this is my first ever sculpt in Zbrush, its part of a University assignment to first create our face and then 'zombiefy' it, I decided to go for a Harvey Dent look. Crits would be greatly appriciated.



  • Dippndots
    Hey man,
    Good start! I just punched in your link to find your zombie face on image shack. So if you can click the button on top of the message box that looks like a yellow box with a triangle and a circle, you can click it, and input the http address in there. I was going to do it for you but I just thought it'd be weird if you saw your render under my name.

    Anyway, I only have one advice. And that is to take a look at real references of the human face. It'll help you along because you can see how the muscles in the face actually fold in with each other. It's also good reference for facial topology. Other than that, cool sculpt man. Keep it up, and look at real life references. or close to real life references. Have fun zombifying yourself.
  • Dippndots
    good looking scuplt man, you might try completely removing the ear though, would make it look less elvish and it would compliment the massive disfigurement of his mouth
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 14
    As Busy Robot suggested, you've jumped into fine detailing far too early. I don't suppose you did your detail on a layer?

    Regardless, your best bet now is to get yourself some nice facial references, drop down 3-4 subdivision levels and use the clay tubes brush to build up the stucture of the face. You may be best to start from your base mesh again so that you can get the anatomy to look correct without the scarring getting in the way.

    What you could try is saving your current zombified version as a morph target, erase the scarring, work up the anatomy and then use the morph brush to carefully replace the scars. It won't be a prefect solution, but it might save you a little bit of time.
  • samgriffiths
    Work in the major forms and then move to smaller details, don't go onto surface details with the forms are not correct.
  • ralusek
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    ralusek polycounter lvl 7
    what jackablade said, except the morph part. what i would do instead is use the project brush, that way you can project the detail onto an accurate model instead. the morph brush would bring back the detail, but it would also undo all the redone facial structure.

    what you should do is do a little more facial structure, then rotate your old model to so that the surface of the skin is by the new models skin, then just zproject brush that on. you could also just start over for more practice, couldn't have taken too long.

    one final thing, i don't suggest using the rake brush for detailing, as that's not really it's intention in the first place. it's mean for laying down or taking off material, for people who are used to that technique for clay sculpting. when you use it for detailing like that muscle, it just looks very obviously raked. you can try instead using the displace brush, switching to "drag" mode and use a line alpha. that way you can get a LOT more control over the way your detailing goes
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