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Just finished a complete overhaul of the portfolio site. Looking for critiques and comments on the work, presentation, and well all of it! Also any suggestions on what my next personal project should be, areas/genres that i'm missing. Personally i think my next work should be an environment in a more modern day setting. Some more stylized realism (emphasis on the realism).

I'm currently looking for work in the games or film/tv industry. I've yet to have a shot at games yet but I'd love to put some of my work into something that takes up so much of my time ;)

thanks in advance,

Frank Riley


  • Firecracker197
    Hey looks good, your art is really good, I love viva pinata btw.

    Your site is ok, nothing that really sticks out as being bad as far as function goes, I won't comment on design since I have found out for myself that that topic can be discussed infinitely. The only thing I would suggest is to have all the thumbnails on the screen without having to scroll down, (I know I have a short screen but this might be the case with others) A horizontal line of thumbs might work better, or make them a bit smaller so they fit on the screen. I just think it might be better if you didnt have to scroll on the first page.

    I looked at yours, now you have to look at mine ;)
  • woogity
    hey man you have some very nice work in your folio as it is right now. i like the sites layout, its very easy to navigate for me. for crits, i think you should either repose and re render the psylocke model you have or take it out. For me its taking away from the quality of the rest of your work. Really really like the evironment you have in there. nice style, and great colors.

  • JasonLavoie
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    JasonLavoie polycounter lvl 12
    Rawrise - Fantastic work buddy, your environment pieces really have an amazing characteristic to them that I don't really see too often, which is reaaally refreshing, annd inspirational (website savvvedd).

    As for the scrolling vertical crit, I reaaallly don't think it matters at this point, since your work entices people to continue down anyways (because it is solid pieces) there shouldn't be a problem there. If anything, maybe put your viva pinata stuff before the X Men girl or defiantly before the sculpted head (probably your weakest work out of all of em in my opinion).

    This will help show that you already have some professional experience, and since a larrggge crowd of people love Viva Pinata, I think that'll hit better the first time someone goes to your site :)

    Great work either way, Im gonna continue looking at your scenes to see if I can take anything from em :P (Presentation wise).

    Good luck with the job search!
  • Ark
    Site looks ok, but bigger thumbnails are always better.

    Really like the naruto building. Great texturing and the lighting is good.

    More subdivision models are always welcome, especially if you want to go into films.
    The set models for the viva pinata as some poly distribution problems, otherwise good stuff.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    I'll be brutally honest with you here:
    I saw the first environment and I was like "oh wow" got excited and wanted to scroll down and see what else you have, then I saw the two character models and was like "oh no..."
    Basically, your first environment is awesome looking, and your characters are not so hot.
    I agree with your statement that you should make a environment with a modern day setting.
    I think you should actually just focus on environment stuff all together and actually work your character stuff off your portfolio site.
    A lot of people will tell you that you're only as good as your worst piece, and imo you have really awesome work and not so great work.
    But on a positive note, I think if you spend a few months on environment work for your portfolio you will have a really great body of work.

    btw I only looked at your main page, sounds like you got some other stuff in there I didn't see.
  • Nizza_waaarg
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    Nizza_waaarg polycounter lvl 10
    gotta agree with woog on psylocke... is kinda bringing the rest down for me... somthing about how the head and proportions worked out isn't quite right.

    The enviro stuff especially is really awsome and that viva pinata stuff is great (<3 colour :))

    I also really like that first dude on your old/school work page, maybe not as recent as you'd like but i think it's still a pretty strong char peice.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    Oh, just saw your viva pinta work, its really good man!
    Put that up on your main page, instead of as a side note on the left.
  • meatle
    I agree with Woogity about Phylocke, she seems to be intensely staring at something, yet her pose tells me that suit is just a little to tight.
    Something a little more dynamic would help.

    Some of the images are a bit small. For example on you Final Fantasy based environment some of the textures you posted were really small and non enlargeable.

    It's not a hassle to get around in. It looks good/simple design-wise.
  • Jonas Ronnegard
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    Jonas Ronnegard Polycount Sponsor
    really great work there, really like ur style, except for what everyone else has already said, i like ur older work aswell, some of the sketches has a really nice feeling to them.

    i have to agree on the characters though i'm sure you can make something great in that area aswell, but what you have now doesnt really cut it for the level of environment work you have, it just brings it down.
  • rawrsie
    Firecracker197 - Thanks, I tried running a set of thumbs across the top as well, but it broke the layout visually for me. As for your thread, I'm on it! :)

    woogity - thanks for the feedback, the pose/expression has been bugging me for ages but i never got any feedback on it post contest. kick in the ass appreciated.

    JasonLavoie - hehe, thanks a ton sir. :D reshuffled the order and added the pinata work onto the main page! Presentation is key, i'm always learning new methods to improve the polish/present phase.

    Ark - thanks, I'm trying to keep it in a reasonable browser size and also the larger images on the index link to the corresponding page (as well as the thumbs).

    BradMyers82 - much appreciated honesty. I've reposed/rendered the character and removed a bunch of them. oh and yeah, pinata front and center!

    Nizza_waaarg - crits addressed hopefully, thanks for the feedback. I really wish i still had that one model of out of all my school work. but it's probably best that hard drive blew up (gotta move forward) I also share your love of some saturation, hehe.

    meatle - yeah, expression/wedgie pose was killing me, hopefully i've addressed it. I'll get around to upsizing the texture sheet soon. thanks!

    Jonas Ronnegard - thanks a lot, hopefully my next character (quick break from enviros) will be up to par.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 greentooth
    Much better dude! Although as hard as it may be I would still take off phylocke.
    Anyways, good job!
  • ZacD
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    ZacD interpolator
    The main page could use some tweaks, ugly font,
    "Modeling Texturing Portfolio"? Say what kinda work your looking for. I don't like the dots either, but that's just me.

    What I'd remove:









    Make a better render/pose/etc:


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