Zombie WIP

Ahoy all, first time post so please be gentle :). Ok this is something I've been making for a while now, eventually this will be a low polygon character for my portfolio, but for the moment I could use some constructive criticism before I develop it any further.

Overall I'm somewhat pleased with it although I'm still not too sure about the face.


-Thanks ;)


  • Vonklaus

    Gotta love dem zombies! haha. Welcome to polycount!

    Couple things that I notice right away is the forehead and the lack of "zombie wear and tear" in the face. You have a little of it in the midsection but a more even distribution I think would look good. You could also degrade the skin that is shrunk tight against the bone structure in the face. Something like having the flesh in those areas almost peel away to show the bone underneath.

    Here is an image in which I try to show the angles of the forehead, hope it helps!

    Keep up the work! This zombie has a little more personality than a lot that I see!
  • Gryx
    Thanks for the feedback, I can certainly see what you mean. For the most-part I've just been doodling away on it hoping to be struck by some inspiration, having seen what you've said I recon i can run with this idea a bit. :) Cheers.
  • Mark Dygert
    Gryx wrote: »
    Ahoy all, first time post...
    Welcome! Always good to see a fresh face with talent!
    Gryx wrote: »
    so please be gentle :)
    Yea that doesn't happen around here. You'll take you're lumps and learn to like it (or run away screaming) meh... You may not get much ego fluffing here but you will get better and there is always room for improvement.

    Neck is pretty stretched.
    The skin is elephant like.
    The asymmetry in the face is great, the symmetry in the teeth not so much.
    The ribs are kind of wonky, they look more like extruded tubes than actual ribs.
    The sternum is really bumpy when it should be pretty flat.
    The overall posture is leaning pretty far forward. If the base pose is off balance its hard for the animator to regain it.
    It looks like you stuffed the upper lip up the nostrils?
    There's a bit of a weird disconnect between the top of the abs and the bottom of the rib cage. There also is too much space between the top of the hip and the bottom of the rib cage.

    Nice stuff overall, kind of reminds me of the zombie done by Blur Studios as part of The Goon promo shots.
  • Firecracker197
    I'll let the character art pros comment for the most part, but just from looking at the face I can tell you that the eyes are too big, and it makes him look childlike..and that sort of creeps me out...
  • Gryx
    Thanks for the feedback, I can see what you mean with the eyes and the ribs as well as the skin, still, any feedback is good feedback :).
  • woogity
    hello hello! welcome!, and as vig said, dont hold your breath for soft crits here.

    -Use some human dental refs for the teeth. teeth are one of those things that scream at you when they are wrong.

    -Break up the monotony of the skin texture. where the skin is closer to bone, like on the scalp and where the eyebrows are and bridge of the nose is the skin is tighter and has less texture to it.

    - Check some photo refs of old folks to get the wrinkles in the face right, they are key.

    -Like Vig said adjusting the posture will make him appear much more natural, and animators hate bad bind poses.

    good luck on your updates here! Despite the crits pretty good for a first post.

  • JohnnyRaptor
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    JohnnyRaptor polycounter lvl 10
    get yourself some concentration camp/starvation victim reference photos and your set.

    click link for example, but may be disturbing
  • Gryx
    Thanks for the C&C all, despite what i said first of all, I'm pretty thick skinned :P ill see about posting some updates tomorrow after its been given the once over :).
  • Cacophony
    Welcome Gryx,

    Zombies are the shit, aren't they? I'll be tackling a few zombies myself pretty soon!

    Here are three freebie gnomon tutorials made by Ryan Kingslein on sculpting a zombie:

    hope these tooters serve as a better catalyst than all that idle doodling your hoping will spontaneously inspire you! cheers man, great start.
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