Banner of Doom w.i.p

Feedback appreciated. Thanks.




  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    hey man, very cool. I think this is pretty well done!

    I think what it needs right now is a lot more conrast between it's big shapes. right now everything is pretty much the same value and saturation level. you might want to saturate the cloth a lot more, so that it stand out from the other bits. also, the material on the metal isn't working.

    I think in general, you should reduce the noise level across the entire piece. try not to rely on fine detail noise to conveigh the surface. if your piece isn't totally clear without that level.. that is, if i can't tell what the surfaces are just from the medium sized details on the wood, the cloth, the spec on the chains, etc, throwing a noise pattern on there will not help. It might make what it IS slightly more clear from an intellectual standpoint, but it will make it ugly.
  • MikeF
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    MikeF polycounter lvl 14
    looks pretty good, i agree with john in reducing the noise, also i'd say throw a bit of colour on the raised pattern to help it pop a bit more, things get pretty monotone towards the top
  • buddikaman
    I made some changes as you guys suggested, thanks for the feedback. I made the ornate designs on the wood bucklers more pronounced with highlights, it still looks a bit monotone but, hopefully not to overdone.


  • Two Listen
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    Two Listen polycounter lvl 10
    I'd perhaps darken up the black part of the banner itself - the dragon emblem thing.

    The improvements you made from the OP look really nice! But I think you can push it a bit farther, even still. I'd make that black emblem a bit darker to give it more of a pop...and something feels off about the color...almost too sporadic. Perhaps try making the blue stripe things on the lower half of the post red like the background of the banner - bit more uniformity?
  • turpedo
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    turpedo polycounter lvl 9

    I haven't read any of the other critiques at all but just from a quick glance, a lot of the colors blend into each other too much. Differentiate the chains from the antler looking things. Make those circular objects pop out more by changing the colors and material. I would also add an alpha channel to your flag and put some wear and tear...especially around the edges to break up those clean cuts. Hope this helps!
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